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Athena Mortem Chapter 2: Weak

*A Few Years Later*

Despite how much I wanted things to change as Artemis and I got older, they didn’t. In fact, things got worse. I tried everything I could to get my sister to like me, but no matter what she always still hated me. 1,596 more words


La Segunda Dinastía de los Dioses Griegos

Por Esteban Balmore Cruz


Cronos era el dios del tiempo, en el sentido de perpetuidad infinita. Él se unió a Rea, hija de Urano y Gea, siendo ella una diosa muy importante en la mitología griega. 776 more words


Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No Bullshit Guide To World Mythology

One word: Hilarious.

It was 270+ pages of hilarity- it makes me glad that I know how to read, at least to a 5th grade level. 221 more words


How It Could of Happened

I always think of the bible and other mythologies, and while I don’t believe in them, I think some parts of it could have happened. Now when I say this I meant histories could have gotten skewed or hyperboles. 578 more words


The Gods of Chaos

I’m doing a little research today. As an artist you might expect that this means I’m looking at art and arty things but this is never how it ends up with me. 393 more words


Te Henga June 22 2014 and the influence of a photography class

Went for a beach walk with friends at the west coast beach Te Henga / Bethells on June 22 last year which is during winter, so, too cold for a swim. 424 more words

Bethells Beach

Zen and the Art of Losing Your Dog

I got my dog Zeus in October of 1997. I was in first grade. My seventh birthday was fast approaching and in the weeks leading up to his arrival I convinced myself he was my birthday present, despite some gentle reminders from my parents that he was, in fact, a family dog. 630 more words