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Gods on Trial

When all the old gods go on trial, loud cursed
In the High Court of Public Thought Review,
Jehovah (tribal god of bronze age Jews) 118 more words


Zeus Nakhra Nawabi, You Decide

Zeus, Fateh, Zora – Nakhra Nawabi

Woofer, is still performing well globally, chart success from India to Canada has meant, the launch of the album “Global Infection” needs to happen sooner than later. 51 more words


The Titans [Greek Mythology]

Hello everyone, today I’m exploring the origins and myth of the mighty titans in Greek mythology.

Percy Jackson : The Lightning Thief

The first book in the Percy Jackson series. The story begins with Percy accidently vaporizing his maths teacher and then realizing that he actually is a demigod. 28 more words

Percy Jackson

This $1,600 fighting robot toy kicks serious butt

(Source: techcrunch.com)

All right, I’m impressed. I’m not sure I’m $1,600 impressed, but I definitely want one of these Zeus battling robots from Pilot Labs. 384 more words


Catholics and Christians are profaning the name and law of the heavenly Father

Due to influence of Greeks and Romans, Roman Catholics and Christians, worldwide, had been profaning the heavenly Father and putting His name in vain? And they did them despite of a warning that nobody, either Israelite or pagan, will be held guiltless if he or she will take His name in vain? 1,532 more words

Religious Deception

Flashback Friday-Hercules (Miniseries)- (2005)

The myth of Hercules is one for the ages. The son of Zeus, the king of the gods and Alcmene, a mortal woman, his legendary strength and journey has become a symbol for facing the challenges in our own lives. 71 more words