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Democrats crush Republicans in grammar

On news, there is a new posting about how Republicans are bad in grammar; that they mangle the English language twice the rate of Democrats. Apparently the Democrats are doing so bad in their campaign that they resort to criticizing grammar rather that political views.


ZEUS 2016 and JabCon in Vienna

The website for the ZEUS 2016 workshop is up and running! Its 8th edition takes this superb workshop out of Germany and into the capital of Austria. 421 more words


Hera Kills Artemis

Hera was aiming at Hyppolita, mother of Wonder Woman. Similar to the New 52 continuity, Wonder Woman was not born out of clay. She’s the daughter of Zeus and Hyppolita.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 4 #23


A distinguished visitor, part two

“I am surprised to see you here, so far from your own lands, lady.”

Hel shrugged a bony shoulder. “I have good and trustworthy servants who will keep my domain for me while I am away. 444 more words


Setting up Zeus

A few nice computer images I found:
Setting up Zeus

Image by btornado
I finally felt I had a computer worthy enough to be called zeus. 24 more words

What Kind of Queen Am I?

Someone recently communicated to me: “You’re not a queen because you say you’re married to Apollo and he isn’t a king.  You can’t be one anyway because nobody cares about you.” 750 more words