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The Rape of Europa, an Astronomical Interpretation of the Myth

Why did the great Hellenistic civilization create the myth of Europa? What is the true meaning of this story?

One of the earliest texts of the… 2,420 more words


La planète Mytho (The Planet Mytho)

Director: Albert Barillé
Airing date: November 20?, 1982
Rating: ★★

In this seventh episode of ‘Il était une fois… l’espace’ our heroes Pierrot, Psi and Metro land on a planet, where the survivors of a stranded spaceship play Gods. 244 more words

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Spoiler-Free Review #5: "The Odyssey" by Homer

Wow I missed this deadline by a while. I can make excuses until my fingers fall off, but needless to say I keep doing it and can only apologise so often before it begins to sound meaningless. 266 more words

De tempel van Zeus in Kallithea

Verscholen, aan de blauwe zee, liggen de overblijfselen van deze ooit prachtige tempel. Het dorpje waar het bij ligt heet Kallithea, wat letterlijk ‘mooi uitzicht’ betekend. 201 more words


March 28th Cypher

March 28th 2015

JavaScript required to play March 28th 2015.

Who should get a concert? That’s what we are asking you. We decided who are we to choose and pick like some diplomatic regime of art. 191 more words


Temple Of Zeus And Ancient Agora

After a cold, grey (but dry) first day in Athens, the second began in very much the same way.

When a place is as interesting as Athens is, the weather makes very little difference to overall enjoyment. 927 more words


#283 - Hera Writes a Letter to Zeus...

…regarding the time he has not been spending around the house.

To my fearsome King of Gods,

This is your wife writing you.  You do remember you have one, right? 

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