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Loved By Death; Chapter 5

The next morning Persephone woke up well-rested and excited. She’d missed the sun, and though she’d seen it only yesterday, she’d been too preoccupied by her mother to fully appreciate it. 1,758 more words


The Diary: Entry Seven

Morus Academy

August 24, 2013

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.”- Conrad Hall

Dear Ζευς,

In life, we must keep learning, is that right? 462 more words


Rio Olympic Games Rooted in Ancient Greek Games

(This essay was originally published as “Ancient Roots of Olympics,” by the Newport Daily News on August 19, 2016.)

Among their many other innovations, the ancient Greeks invented organized, competitive sports, commonly accepted to have begun in 776 BC. 817 more words

Epimenides, Prophet from Crete

Epimenides, from the island of Crete in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, broke the rules that constrained human thinking in his time, opening a floodgate of inspiration that swept GSOT to a place and a level that could never have been anticipated. 1,469 more words

Searching For GSOT

Perseus, a retelling

King Acrisius of Argive, was terrified of a prophecy that his grandson would be the one to kill him, so he did the smart thing and locked his beautiful daughter, Danae, in a tower. 531 more words


Loved By Death; Chapter 4

“I was thinking that tomorrow you could come with me as I perform my duties,” Demeter told her daughter with a smile as they had sat down for dinner. 1,698 more words


Nomen est omen, right? Zeus 0 - God 0 - God 0

To know numbers, the way I do, can be fun.

The 39. origin energy was: God

It was the invention of a management job, overseeing others, controlling and punishing others, abusing others, and being abused, by others. 51 more words