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Chapter Ten

Movies like Star Trek First Contact romanticized first contact with alien species as the ushering age of a golden age for humanity out of the dregs of war. 628 more words


Training, and the Calling to Something Larger than I: pt. 3. Every Beginning is the End of the Past Chapter.

Every Beginning is the End of the Past Chapter.

I land at work ready to be homeless. I am feeling sorry for myself, and I have no plan. 1,651 more words


L3 Games Design: Game Concept (Greek Gods)

For my game concept I have decided to use the greek gods and I have chosen Zeus and his sibling Poseidon. Each of these different Greek Gods have different abilities.   214 more words


Chapter Nine

Malcolm stood dumbfounded at Speare’s question. Who had sent him to kill his former friends, and this new player in the game? It had been a phone call, but now the voice and the caller’s name were lost in a memory fog as thick as pea soup. 747 more words


Hard Life Lesson

Monday was a very hard reminder that sometimes we take on too much.  It started off as any other Monday normally does for us.  Hubby goes to work and mommy stays home with the twins.   562 more words


The Tagalog Word "Diyos" (god)... Where did it come from?

​Ever wondered where the Tagalog word “diyos” (god in English) came from?

The word “diyos” had its roots in the Latin word “deus” (pronounced as de-yus) which means a god or a deity. 138 more words


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