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Selling Corporate Real Estate to Speculative Investors - A Risky Game

When seeking to sell their companies’ commercial real estate, CFOs can find themselves in very risky positions when they enter into sale agreements with speculative investors. 1,032 more words

Corporate Real Estate

"I'm not signing anything!"

If your prospective client won’t sign your representation agreement, it has little to do with them!

Business people sign agreements all the time. Its the nature of being in business.  599 more words

Real Estate Brokers & Advisors

Tenant Representative...Is that really the correct name for what I do?

Tenant Representative…Is that really the correct name for what I do?

For years I’ve been called a tenant representative.  That’s a prevalent term used by many in commercial real estate.  657 more words


All You Care About is Your Commission!

Do I care about commissions?  You’re darned right, I do!  So does my family.  They like to eat, you know!

Do I only care about commissions? 447 more words


Keeping a Relationship with Someone Who Already Screwed You

And, I Thought Screws Were Just Hardware!

In a recent conversation I had with a fellow commercial real estate professional, he asked me what I thought he should do about a recent business encounter.  680 more words

Corporate Real Estate