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Raise the Red Lantern

(Dir. Zhang Yimou, China, 1991)

Following the Rules

Zhang Yimou’s Raise the Red Lantern may be one of the most visually stunning films you’ll ever see. 979 more words


Patriarchy in Flowers of Shanghai and Raise The Red Lantern

Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Flowers of Shanghai and Zhang Yimou’s Raise The Red Lantern both have similar outlooks on the patriarchal society in China which is built on carrying forward pre-existing customs and rules defined and lorded over by men. 2,759 more words

Author's Corner

“China Through the Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan is currently showing an exhibit called “China Through the Looking Glass,” which runs until September 7, 2015. It takes up space on three floors (including the Anna Wintour Costume Center) and offers dozens of outfits and costumes by famous designers based on Chinese motifs and inspirations, along with other art objects (vases, sculptures, installations) and other commercial objects (e.g., perfumes). 2,825 more words


Raise the red lantern - bộ phim không có mùa xuân.

Mở đầu một bộ phim gây ám ảnh là một khuôn hình đầy ám ảnh. Chắc không cần nói nhiều về Củng Lợi – một nữ diễn viên dường như đã học được thuật dịch dung để có thể biến hoá vào bất cứ nhân vật nào được giao. 1,110 more words


Two films by Chen Kaige: Life on a String (1991) & Temptress Moon (1996)

Let’s talk a little about Chen Kaige, instrumental director for the advent of the Chinese New Wave, the so-called Fifth Generation which I previously wrote about here… 1,176 more words


十面埋伏 [House of Flying Daggers] (2004)


Zhang Yimou’s painterly aesthetic ensures his movies are never less than majestic to look at, whatever genre he’s working in, but as a Wuxia film… 92 more words

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