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The Great Wall

I’ve actually visited the Great Wall of China, but to my embarrassment, I never realised that it was built to keep out alien monsters.

Set in 11th century China, this Chinese-American actioner sees a secret army do battle with said creatures, who awaken every 60 years. 276 more words


Ongoing Spotlight - February 20, 2017


There is a quirkiness to the narrative sensibilities of director Gore Verbinski that can be utterly surprising and quite charming, when employed in the service of original material. 432 more words



I’m just gonna go ahead and leave a blank space here so that you, dear reader, can insert your own Trump wall joke.

There you go, enjoy. 25 more words


The Great Wall: A Communist Spectacle

I am woefully underprepared to talk about Chinese film, it’s a huge whole in my knowledge i am desperately trying to fill up. Now we see the release of the most expensive, expansive Chinese film of all time and it’s hard to know what to make of it. 817 more words


Review: 'The Great Wall'

Despite the advertising that makes it look like Bourne in China, The Great Wall is best considered as the latest action spectacle from Zhang Yimou. 705 more words


Movie Review: The Great Wall

– Spoiler Alert! –

Score: 8/10

Last night I watched The Great Wall, with Matt Damon. I had avoided seeing any of the trailers, so all I knew was that it was about the great wall of China and that Matt Damon was in it. 552 more words

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