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Zhuge Family Village (Eight Diagrams Village)

As part of our ongoing explorations of Jinhua and its tourist attractions, we were given the opportunity to visit the Zhuge Family Village, also known as the Eight Diagrams Village. 738 more words


Incredible!! Chinese Man Dresses Like A Cop To Get Friend Out Of Jail

A Chinese man has been arrested for putting on full police attire before walking into a police station and trying to secure his friend’s release. 178 more words


One of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in China: West Lake

West Lake, located in Hangzhou, is considered to be one of the most recognized tourist attractions in all of China. Of course, many people don’t give it as much attention as The Great Wall or The Forbidden City, which places its rank near #10 with attractions such as The Pudong Skyline, Terracotta Army, Potala Palace and others above it. 697 more words


Robert Fulford: Religion and modern China have seldom been on good terms. Now, it's coming to a head in Wenzhou

Wenzhou, a port city in Zhejiang Province, between the mountains and the East China Sea, is often called the Jerusalem of China. It earned that description because it has more Christians per capita than anywhere else in the country. 748 more words

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What about the Family Pig Farms? Part III

I returned with Anna, my mandarin teacher, to her village for the May 1st holiday weekend. Last time I was there, we had talked about interviewing her father’s friend, who I’ll call Shushu. 772 more words

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What about the Family Pig Farms? Part II

 I returned with my mandarin teacher to her hometown for the weekend to attend the celebration of her cousin’s daughter’s first birthday. In China, your first birthday is a big deal. 1,054 more words

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What about the Family Pig Farms?

My mandarin teacher recently invited me to accompany her back to her village for the weekend. I jumped at the opportunity. Not only because I’ll take any chance for a new insight to life in the countryside, but especially because we had discussed at length how the local government was making everyone in her village take down their pig farms. 1,017 more words

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