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My Photographs: Top 5 Ling Shang Restaurant Village - Yongjia County, China.

Ling Shang Restaurant Village, November 2017. Having spent the afternoon hiking around the wonderful Yongjia Shu Yuan National Park, I had naturally built up quite an appetite. 284 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Shu Yuan National Park - Yongjia County, China.

Yongjia Shu Yuan National Park, November 2017. With winter finally starting to hit the southeast of China, I instinctively felt my annual hibernation period calling me after a busy few months of travel. 247 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Xu Ao Di Village - Taishun County, China.

Xu Ao Di Village, November 2017. My visit to Taishun County was a major highlight of my travels across southern china in 2017. I saw an array of… 295 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Nanpuxi Scenic Park - Taishun County, China.

Nanpuxi Scenic Park, November 2017. I’d started to get a little concerned that we weren’t even going to find the park. The GPS was going crazy as we tackled turn after hairpin turn on the narrow mountain road. 366 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Wenxing Bridge - Taishun County, China.

Wenxing Bridge, November 2017. The last of the six bridges I saw during my adventures around Taishun County was perhaps my favorite of them all! Located deep in the arse end of nowhere on the edge of Xiaochun Village, my travel buddy and I had inadvertently stumbled upon both… 152 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Wenhong Bridge - Taishun County, China.

Wenhong Bridge, November 2017. Not to be confused with its neighbor Wenchong Bridge, we happened across Wenhong Bridge whilst driving in search of Wenxing Bridge on the outskirts of Xiaochun Village. 173 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Wenchong Bridge - Taishun County, China.

Wenchong Bridge, November 2017. There are said to be around seven hundred covered wooden bridges scattered around Taishun County. But not all of them are as ancient or stunningly beautiful as… 172 more words