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My Photographs: Top 5 Su Causeway - Hangzhou, China.

Su Causeway, October 2017. This 2.6 km walkway through West Lake was constructed in 1086 by the famous poet and Hangzhou governor Su Shi. It was a time of great poverty and drought, so Su ordered the dredging of the lake and used the resulting mud to build a new causeway. 266 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Shuangto Bridge - Hangzhou, China.

Shuangtou Bridge, October 2017. I must have covered every inch of West Lake’s gorgeous parkland during my five days in Hangzhou. This beautiful little bridge, located in Changqiao Park near Tangyun Art Gallery, is probably my favorite West Lake spot.   139 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Leifeng Pagoda - Hangzhou, China.

Leifeng Pagoda, October 2017. Wherever you happen to be on West Lake, you can’t miss the mystical form of Leifeng Pagoda jutting dramatically out of the greenery. 294 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Orioles Singing in the Willows - Hangzhou, China.

Orioles Singing in the Willows, October 2017. A trip to the Chinese city of Hangzhou is all about one thing: the shimmering, dreamy majesty of… 361 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Tianfeng Pagoda - Ningbo, China.

Tianfeng Pagoda, August 2017. Any self-guided walking tour of downtown Ningbo should include a stop at this cool hexagonal tower; the city’s tallest ancient structure at 167 feet. 207 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Lao Waitan - Ningbo, China.

Lao Waitan, August 2017. One of the many challenging things about living in an inconsequential Chinese city like Rui’an is the limited nightlife options. There’s no such problem in Ningbo though thanks to the fantastic Lao Wai Tan neighbourhood, a labyrinthine restaurant and bar district perched on the bank of the Yong River. 323 more words

My Photographs: Top 5 Zhongshan Square - Ningbo, China.

Zhongshan Square, August 2017. It’s amazing to think we weren’t even going to bother with Zhongshan Square. After all, we only had a day to take in Ningbo’s delights and I hadn’t read anything to suggest it was a must see. 325 more words