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What about the Family Pig Farms? Part II

 I returned with my mandarin teacher to her hometown for the weekend to attend the celebration of her cousin’s daughter’s first birthday. In China, your first birthday is a big deal. 1,071 more words

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What about the Family Pig Farms?

My mandarin teacher recently invited me to accompany her back to her village for the weekend. I jumped at the opportunity. Not only because I’ll take any chance for a new insight to life in the countryside, but especially because we had discussed at length how the local government was making everyone in her village take down their pig farms. 1,017 more words

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Suichang Part III: Spring Festival 2015

Today I caught a ride back to Hangzhou from Suichang with my research partner and his father. During the drive, his father said to me ‘China’s development is happening too quickly, and our traditions are being destroyed in the process. 1,568 more words

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Photos Show China Military Buildup Near Islands Disputed with Japan

By Bill Gertz

Recent satellite photos of an island off the coast of China confirm Beijing’s buildup of military forces within attack range of Japan’s Senkaku islands. 787 more words

"Seeking Truth From Fact" Part III: Gaoping's E-commerce Shop

I felt conflicted about how to write this post. My previous two posts on Gaoping’s peasant tourism association and organic food cooperative were easy, feel-good, ‘hooray-for-rural-alternativist-values’ stories of grassroots cooperative institutions that integrate the needs and interests of the local residents while they work together to contribute to the development of their rural communities. 1,137 more words

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Weekends in Fuyang

During the past few months I have spent quite a few of my weekends visiting Bill in Fuyang, a city that is located about 40 km south west of Hangzhou. 171 more words


Apple gears up for bumper China harvest; to open five new retail stores in five weeks

”Apple Inc. is greatly speeding up market expansion in China by opening five new stores in roughly five weeks,” Xinhua reports. “‘We are opening five new stores before the Chinese New Year this year. 163 more words