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Mindfulness, Tantra, and Ziggy Stardust for Lovers

In The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, Vietnamese poet and monk Thict Nhat Hahn teaches the concept of mindfulness by describing the attentiveness of a lover who is being fully present with his beloved. 2,110 more words

(This One's About Bowie)

I was looking through my phone and I just found this little half-finished snippet of poetry! I loved the style I wrote it in and I knew it meant something, but it wasn’t until now that I figured out it was about David Bowie. 92 more words


Music is close to my heart though I am not musically gifted. This is primarily the reason why it is one of my blog goals this year to learn more about the music and music icons of past decades. 1,547 more words


Down to bid-niz. 

I’m still having palpitations over how in love I am with that yarn I posted last week, but instead of just fangirling through another gratuitous post, let’s talk technique. 311 more words

Chopped Liver - Five Years

Five Years.

You know, for the past few anniversaries I have thought about what song title to give my anniversary post. But I didn’t know a song called three years, or even four years. 384 more words

Liver Transplant

Bowibury - Week 1

The fine community of Pushing Ahead of the Dame are listening to a Bowie album every day this month. I’ve written up my thoughts from the first week. 2,947 more words