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Die stärkste kulturelle Wirkung erzielte Bowie mit seiner Kunstfigur Ziggy Stardust. Deren Image beeinflusste Punk-, Independent- und New-Romantic-Musiker von Independentbis Independent. Independentbehauptet, dass ein von ihr im Alter von 14 Jahren besuchtes Ziggy-Stardust-Konzert ihr Leben verändert habe. 28 more words


Starman: 3 June 2016

Location: Highway 5 rest area, one hour outside Eugene, Oregon.


Arizona and I crashed outside a rest area along side other weary travellers. The lack of lights gave way for the night’s natural prowless. 180 more words


Bowie & Me

Mid to late eighties, late night TV, I’m in the lounge, my dad is upstairs snoring for England. On the box is D. A. Pennebaker’s concert film – Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. 384 more words


So it IS all my mother's fault!

Oliver James ©Calyx Picture Agency

Oliver James ©Calyx Picture Agency

Oliver James ©Calyx Picture Agency

I knew it! It IS all my mother’s fault! Or so the psychologist Oliver James would have us believe. 876 more words


Lessons From a Starman

Last year I wrote this when I thought I couldn’t speak at all.

I posted something else instead, but today, I’m going to share this. 1,768 more words

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction - Planet Girl (1988)

Every bloke must go through a rock or metal phase – I think it must be some force of nature, or maybe something that can be explained by science, but I certainly went through a brief but interesting flirtation with “rawk” in the late 80s. 1,694 more words

David Bowie 300RON/67EUR

Ziggy Stardust, what an inspiration this man was, he probably feels more at home now, among the stars, than he ever felt on earth. 40×40 cm on black stain finish, this piece will be part of any old school music lover’s collection. 9 more words