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Why is Reuben dressed as Ziggy Stardust?!

On a kid’s drawing of Jacob’s 12 sons, the eldest (Reuben) had an orange zig-zag across his robe.

Mourning the Starman

The first time I had ever heard of David Bowie was when I was in grade school. I had gotten the soundtrack to A Knight’s Tale… 534 more words


David Bowie One Year On: Blackstar Rising

INTRODUCTION: Anniversaries are often significant, painful milestones for the grieving, especially the first anniversary following the death of someone special. As I wrote last year when Bowie died, I was broadsided—shocked even—by the intensity of my grief. 841 more words


Life on Mars

A year ago today, the world lost its Starman. David Bowie was one of the greatest pop icons in history, writing with such precision and passion that people would fall in love with his work and musicians for generations would be inspired by him. 374 more words


Venus in furs

I don’t know what possesses me: it’s probably something to do with being cooped up in the house while the wind whips the snow around. The TV downstairs doesn’t work, and The Mom’s TV upstairs is constantly tuned into CNN which just gives me the creeps. 680 more words


Movie Music Mega Madness: Frances Ha!


Frances Ha! (2013)


Yesterday was January the 8th, otherwise better known as David Bowie Day here at the Hard Ticket to Home Video offices. 439 more words

Movie Music Mega Madness

Ziggy Stardust - Jersey City, NJ

A beautiful mural of David Bowie in Jersey City. Kudos to the artist.