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D&D Chronicles: Triumph over the troll lord


We camp a few hours upstream from the goblin village. I have the goblin chief’s dirt map memorised — the all important directions to the troll lord we seek, and the Dark Tree as well. 535 more words


D&D Chronicles: The fireball and the goblin chief


Trees. The stream wending silent on my left. My companions spread out in front of me, talking in low voices, stepping on twigs. This is all I see. 1,228 more words


D&D Chronicles: Death of an animal companion

ZILLAH — The Broken Forest

I’m on watch with Squirrel in the dead of night when the tree moves.

It’s a massive tree in a loop of the stream. 956 more words


D&D Chronicles: Fighting through the Broken Forest

ZILLAH – The Broken Forest

Tomorrow at first light we head deeper into the forest in search of a troll lord.

I’ve never encountered a troll before, and hoped I never would. 1,372 more words


D&D Chronicles: Chased out of town. Again.

ZILLAH — Royal Rose inn, Lhangessa

Outside, the distinct trample of the city watch. Squirrel twitches to his feet. Alix throws an apprehensive glance. I’m on my feet too, not quite knowing why, but I’ve drawn my swords. 912 more words

Ellen Gregory

D&D Chronicles: At the crossroads

Having just completed a fairly hefty mission, some of the party members muse on recent events and what’s going to happen next… and size up their new companions. 1,253 more words

Ellen Gregory

Losing my darkroom.

Black is turning to white. My darkroom since 2005 is turning back into a bedroom.

We’re getting ready to move into the Columbia Gorge, so I’m getting the Portland house ready for sale. 68 more words