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D&D Chronicles: Ghostly encounters

Picking up where we left off, Squirrel has just collapsed after attempting to dispel the ward applied to a border of trees around a strange villa in the middle of the desolated Dust Plains… 1,431 more words


D&D Chronicles: Of portals, dust and a strange villa


We’re finally leaving Issimbaal. It’s been over a week, but feels even longer. So much has happened.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to brave the dust plains and head south-west towards the Temple of Bahaal and hope it doesn’t live up to its other name — the Temple of Death. 938 more words


D&D Chronicles: Getting our butts kicked in and around Issimbaal


Dealing with Elliana (not)

We argue long into the night about how to get the Left Eye of Varrien from Elliana.

The clerics of Phanator refuse to help us, not wanting to start a conflict with the Church of Elloran. 1,048 more words


D&D Chronicles: Three battles, third time not so lucky


Zombies inspire reckless action

It’s around midnight when we finally find a band of zombies towards the outskirts of Issimbaal. There are six of them, five of us. 1,257 more words


D&D Chronicles: Trying to survive the mage college of Issimbaal


early afternoon

Thank blessed Emrys we are holed up in this temple with these clerics of Phanator. They have resurrected Blizzard with very little fuss. 1,736 more words


teapot dome gas station

Yes. This is a post with a reference the Teapot Dome scandal.

I’ve not spent much time in Eastern Washington. On Friday, I drove from Seattle to Kennewick then back to Seattle on Saturday. 189 more words


Lamech: The First Polygamist

As the second creation story draws to an end, we see humanity reeling as a result of the fall and the murder Cain had committed. We go a few generations in and see the first of two Lamechs in this part of Genesis- This one is in the Cain line of the family, and in another chapter we’ll see one in the Seth side of the family. 428 more words

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