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Integrated Circuit Reverse Engineering, 1970s Style

We are used to stories about reverse engineering integrated circuits, in these pages. Some fascinating exposés of classic chips have been produced by people such as the ever-hard-working . 342 more words


A Python script for programming Zilog MCUs - Z8F2480


Zilog may be a rather obscure MCU manufacturer nowadays, but for the ones who uses its MCUs, the script described here and published on GitHub… 679 more words


Yet Another Z180 (YAZ180 v2)

Testing on the YAZ180 v1 , shown below, is now complete. I don’t want to use it for further driver and platform development, because the PLCC socket for the 256kB Flash is becoming worn-out. 3,174 more words

Characterising Am9511A-1 APU

I’ve built a Z180 based board, supporting the AM9511A APU. Partly for historical enjoyment. Partly because it is actually still faster than “modern” Z80 devices. 478 more words

Z80 C code development with Eclipse and z88dk

I’m building a Z180 based development board called the YAZ180 for the 40th anniversary of the Z80 processor. As part of that process, I need to have a development environment that supports the Z80 and the Z180 processors. 2,840 more words