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Z80 C code development with Eclipse and z88dk

I’m building a Z180 based development board called the YAZ180 for the 40th anniversary of the Z80 processor. As part of that process, I need to have a development environment that supports the Z80 and the Z180 processors. 1,629 more words

RC2014 Troubleshooting

So I soldered it all together, and it doesn’t work. Typical. It looked so easy, all of the instructions are straightforward, and the boards are clear and labeled for easy assembly. 1,061 more words

Testing MicroPro TL866

Part of the learning experience around the Z80 processor is to get a good understanding of the methods used to program the EEPROM or Flash memory used to drive old style processors. 542 more words

Yet Another Z80 Project (YAZ180)

I’m thinking about a new project, something a little unusual but still with a rich history of information upon which to base the build. On… 3,827 more words

Zillion Board - The Idea

When I was a child, my godfather gave me his old computer. It was a CP400, a 8-bits computer manufactured by Prológica. I have some good memories writting Basic codes and playing some cartridge games. 367 more words