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Talking independence: current state of Zimbabwe

“They are preaching form over substance,” says Conversation Zimbabwe’s Eleph Gula-Ndebele¬†on the Zimbabwean government while the country marks 38 years of independence.

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The Illusion of Independence?| Manatsa Musinahama

I recently moved to South Africa to study at the University of the Witwatersrand and I have had several shocking revelations. I realized that we are not only two similar countries separated by the Limpopo. 754 more words


Favorite Sports Around the World

Below is an infographic I created on all the countries favorite sports and all the United States favorite sports and teams. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, a look at each countries favorite sport from big sports like Football and Baseball to smaller ones like Cue Sports and Netball. 44 more words


September 16, 1994: A Strange Encounter...

In 1994, something astounding happened in Ruwa, Zimbabwe at the Ariel middle school.

On September 16, at mid-morning break, several children saw two silvery disk-shaped objects skitter erratically across the sky. 716 more words


“Perhaps our greatest downfall is our¬†perseverance and lack of perspective. Without this, perhaps we would have recognised that we have basic human rights. Perhaps we would have demanded our basic human rights. 526 more words

Fresh Start

LIVE from the Build Zimbabwe Alliance Facebook

The conversation continues later tonight with Dr. Noah Manyika LIVE from the Build Zimbabwe Alliance Facebook page at 7pm Zimbabwe time as we look at the current state of affairs in our country and the way forward. 32 more words