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The Dylan Storm Roof Manifesto w/ Commentary

So it was either this or a Sharknado 3 review. Given all of the nonsense about Charleston and the shooting, and the refusal of the corporate media to publish the entirety of the manifesto, I feel better about doing this. 3,924 more words

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Charleston Shooting is Nothing New, and That's What's Worst About It

What happened yesterday is not an isolated incident, regardless of how many times overt acts of racism are referred to as such. It’s only isolated insofar that it’s likely been a very long time that someone gunned down nine people in Charleston, South Carolina. 907 more words


Werth, Zim, Stras, the other ZIm and The Nats not so long distance future team

The Nats have been TERRIBLE lately, Hot Cold Hot Cold all damn season long. They are in the middle of one of the easiest parts of their schedule and are WAYYYYYY under .500 since playing their last divisional opponent (the Phillies on May 25)  Yeah, yeah, yeah they have some injuries but what team doesn’t this time of year. 2,038 more words


Stand Your Ground law - who is it really for?

just another rant …

and in memory of things we must never ever forget 5/2012

Today, as we move into 2016 the death count of not only Black Men, Women but Young teens are experiencing Police Brutality still being judged by the colour  of their skin  not as human beings who may need to be spoken to NOT rounded up. 1,041 more words


Zimmerman Man Convicted Of Distributing Child Pornography

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 40-year-old Zimmerman man was convicted Wednesday in U.S. District Court for distribution of child pornography out of his Sherburne County home. 205 more words