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August 3, 1918

Saturday August 3rd 1918   A fine warm still day  I finishd digging potatos for this year & have 18 bu fine ones in the cellar  I got 17 to 20 ears sweet corn to cook & dry  I went for the mail near noon  Card from Leslie is located at Hospital in DC & we wrote to him & maild the letter this eve  Lavanda & Ellen calld this PM  I depos… 51 more words

1898-1923 Leaving The Farm Behind

Wild Melee Match Decided By 1/60 Of A Second

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)


Two giants of Melee met in the loser’s finals at today’s CEO Dreamland, and the match came down to the wire. Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma were tied at 2-2, each with only a single life left, vying for a spot in the grand finals when a single frame decided the outcome. 241 more words


June 2, 1918

Tues 2   A fine warm day with thundr at diferent times & a light shower at noon   I worked at my barnyard bridge   put in all the Baptist ashes & a lot of stone at the ends & all our old cans & trash   the girls got mail   I hoed some in strawberries   I went down town PM & traded meal for corn flour & pd 20c got saleratus… 23 more words

1898-1923 Leaving The Farm Behind

Come you masters of war

Ah, a learned man, to paraphrase the “Thucydides trap” in postmodernist terms:

‘What makes modern war inevitable is the commercial interest in war’

The military industrial complex is what has caused the conflagration that is the “Arab Spring”‘, a trap well sprung indeed. 46 more words

June 17, 1918

Monday June 17, 1918   A pleasant day   I paid the Crosset boys 1,50 for taking my cow to date   I took our clothes to Carrie Ash   I mowed the Alley & the N park then I went to the pasture & fixt the west fence at the creek the water warm & not high   I waded  saw Ed Mackey about my Muscatine Journal   also saw Agt Boice & I guess the paper will come better   it came early this eve   the girls got the mail at Noon   Mother & 2 girls pict 1 tree of cherries & canned 15 qts   Floyd Green came with auto this eve & took Sylvia & her girls to Keota   Zimmerman called & got some boards for hen coop

1898-1923 Leaving The Farm Behind