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Suede! A Fall Must Have.

The best season of them all is upon us… FALL! We all know what this means, the season of Slayage is finally hear! Everything from layering, your favorite boots, leather bombers, fringe.. 210 more words

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~Ben Carson In living color~

Looks like Ben Carson is showing his true colors.
He’s playing the race card along with the Obama regime, in living color…

According to Ben Carson, Americans should reconsider whether or not they want neighborhood watchmen carrying firearms after what happened in Florida between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. 228 more words

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Dude, George Zimmerman Has Gone Full-On Racist!!!

Dude this guy is something else man….and by something else i mean

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has gone pretty much FULL-ON RACIST thanks to the shooting of two white TV journalists by a black former co-worker in Virginia. 100 more words



I’ve been struggling to find the time to write recently, life just keep getting in the way, so to make up for my last few tough weeks I’m going to post about a very light-hearted topic today. 1,296 more words

Ryan Zimmerman Coincidence

So this morning my brothers and I were texting, one brother Rodney gave a baseball trivia question about current players who played for only one team and are in their 12th year with that team. 92 more words


Forest Service Official Who Let Nestle Drain California Water Now Works for Them ... the Nature of Corporations

Corporations owe no allegiance to anybody except their shareholders. Behemoths with legal person hood, they focus solely on maximizing profit … personal ethics are foreign. If you are of the older school you will have noted that for more than two decades now loyalty to staff is a thing of the past and consequently, staff hold little loyalty to their employers. 290 more words