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New Zine Accessions

There are some very exciting new additions to the Zine Collection! I’ve accessioned the entire run of Holy Titclamps (#1-19), which was an important queercore zine from 1989 to 2003, created by Larry-bob Roberts. 40 more words

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Week 9: Zines - LCC Special Collection


After a short introduction to the definition of the word “zine” and its etymology, library staff Ruth and Monica explained us the difference between the mainstream zine collection and the special one we have in LCC library. 596 more words


Zine World Donation

Zine review zine Zine World, which ran from 1996 to 2012, published reviews of zines, comics, chapbooks, self-published books, and other DIY publications, as well as news relating to zine culture and politics. 231 more words

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New Zine Accessions

Four new zines have been added to the Zine Collection!

Working It, issues 1-3; a compilation zine by sex workers.

Against Gender, Against Society (This is What a Feminist Looks Like) by NinjaBikeSlut.

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New Zine and Art Acquisitions

I’ve returned from the Portland Zine Symposium victorious! I have three new items for the Menstrual Lore Collection and 18 for the Zine Collection. 197 more words

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New Zines Added

The Zine Collection has some exciting new additions!

The Prince Zine by Joshua James Amberson (reviewed here)

I, Mirage/My Mirage: A Zine About Body Image… 51 more words

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