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How Many? By Matthew Laverty

How Many?

Children need to die to solve this issue?

As if there were an answer, 14 more have left us, unfinished

essays, lunches, little things that made them… 224 more words


Islands By Amogha Lakshmi Halepuram Sridhar


To the little girl who knows she will never be young again,

Every woman I know is an island.
It will be summer and you will be twelve, 194 more words


Mass Puddles By Joseph Ellison Brockway

Mass Puddles

The obfuscated truth of the media
a veil of darkness
the black veil of mothers
grieving their children
reduced to black letters on cold stones… 167 more words


I want a divorce By Ellie Hudson

I want a divorce

We slam our doors shut.
We move through wires, walls, and words.
I have made my bed.

By Ellie Hudson

Biography: 54 more words


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Trigger Warning By Allie Marini

Trigger Warning

the sound is unmistakable

shotgun cocked

& I know it’s loaded.                  like him.

startled by the sound,     but not surprised.

bottles               lined up                         by the trash can, 237 more words


after-chasm By Beth Swanson


we have embodied consecration;
sometimes the burial has been an act of love,
sometimes it has been a declaration of war.

there is holiness embedded in our bones, 111 more words