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Zion National Park- Springdale, Utah- Emerald Pools/Kanyenta/Grotto Trails Loop

The Virgin River

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Okay- so ZION NATIONAL PARK is amazing. Actually, it’s quite stunning!

Here’s the NP link: … 586 more words

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ZION NATIONAL PARK—A Climatic Conclusion

Today, we are back in Indiana. Our winter in the Southwest is now in the past; this collection of posts is nearly finished. In composing the blogs about this trip, I have used a lot of superlatives to describe the places we visited. 1,748 more words


Zion Rock Art

The rock formations in Zion National Park make it almost impossible to take poor pictures. Well, that’s a pretty vacuus statement. Let’s put it this way: Taking decent landscapes photos is way easier in Utah than in Indiana. 123 more words

Mighty 5 and More (US West Trip 10)

2014-05-24 Zion National Park


随后我们乘坐园区内的交通车到达The Grotto,即Angles Landing山径的起点。

据介绍,Angles Landing山径险峻,有恐高症的游客不宜。网络上也可见到游客跌落峡谷丧生的报道。看来是有点惊险。既来之,则要走之。
9:00 am我们开始上山。之字形山道上已有不少游客。






11:00 am我们终于到达Angles Landing,站在顶上,放眼眺望锡安峡谷。

North Fork Virgin河在山脚下急转了一个大弯Big Bend 。 6 more words


New on 500px : LAST LIGHT ON THE PATRIARCHS: ZION by hudsonhenry

It’s been largely grey and overcast. Hurrying down toward camp I notice the clouds breaking up and some light starting to break through just in time for sunset. 107 more words

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