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Modern Zionism

The textbook defines Zionism as “a nationalist ideology that advocates the creation of a secure Jewish homeland in Palestine for the worldwide community of Jews in fulfillment of their historical and religious associations with the region.” 517 more words


US War Plans: Kurdish land bridge to Israel?

By Petri Krohn | The Duran | March 19, 2018

Russia, Turkey and the United States have come to a tacit agreement that the final settlement of the Syrian civil war will include population transfers, where isolated problem populations are “ethnically cleansed” and moved to larger, economically and logistically more viable larger enclaves.

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Headlines -- 3/20/18

Andy Warski boasts about sexually assaulting a drunk woman, an explanation of the anti-Semitic Rothschild conspiracy, white supremacists are down to their last fundraising platform, and more. 225 more words


Palestine Illustrated

Here is a short clip of cartoons highlighting the suffering and injustice meted out to the people of Palestine. Illustrations are a highly effective means of getting the message across and no one does it any better than… 9 more words


Apartheid Israel

By Jonathon Cook | AMEU | 2018 – Volume 51

North from Nazareth’s city limits, a mile or so as the crow flies, is an agricultural community by the name of Tzipori – Hebrew for “bird.” It is a place I visit regularly, often alongside groups of    activists wanting to learn more about the political situation of the Palestinian minority living in Israel.

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Israel has accelerated its annexation of the West Bank from a slow creep to a run

By Jonathon Cook | The National | March 18, 2018

Seemingly unrelated events all point to a tectonic shift in which Israel has begun preparing the ground to annex the occupied Palestinian territories.

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The Two Twin Cancers of The Middle East and How They Recruit

Many journalists, politicians and the mainstream media have been beating the drums of war. Something that simply would not be possible without the spread of propaganda against Islam in order to justify endless war and military occupations. 2,325 more words