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Israeli Border Police Executed Bedouin at Um al Hiran, Doctored Video Footage

By Richard Silverstein | Tikun Olam | January 20, 2017

I wrote a post about the killing of Musa Abu Qilyan in which I presented both the claim of the Border Police that he killed a policeman in a deliberate terror attack; and also presented video which, as I wrote, failed to support the police claims (though it didn’t refute them).

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9/11 forensic experts favour Michael Jackson over 9/11 victims!

Many 9/11 ‘truthers’ are very confused as to why Dr. Richard Shepherd has not yet produced any forensic pathology reports for 9/11 victims, but has instead done detailed forensic reports and T.V. 1,762 more words


Israeli Soldiers Open Fire On Homes In Southern Gaza, Strike Six-Year-Old Girl

Ma’an – January 20, 2017

GAZA – A Palestinian child was reportedly injured on Friday evening after being struck by an Israeli bullet in Beit Lahiya in the north of the Gaza Strip after Israeli forces opened live fire at homes in the area.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Israel & the Growth of Nationalism


Philistines settled in Palestine in the 12th century BCE, which confirms that Palestine had long been a nation (see Palestine, Britannica). After the three Jewish-Roman Wars, fought between 66 CE and 136 CE. 1,836 more words

The Middle East

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Nationalism is fine, but it does not justify encroachment on a neighbour’s territory.

NGO: Israeli shooting of Palestinian teen in Tuqu 'extrajudicial killing'

Ma’an – January 18, 2017

BETHLEHEM – A Palestinian rights group slammed on Wednesday the killing of a Palestinian teen by Israeli forces earlier this week, calling the case an “extrajudicial killing” and demanding that Israeli authorities open an investigation into the case.

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Israeli police accused of cover-up over killing during Negev demolition raid

Ma’an – January 18, 2017

NEGEV – The Joint List, which represents parties led by Palestinian citizens of Israel in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, accused Israeli police of spreading misinformation to Israeli media regarding an alleged vehicle attack Wednesday morning in the Negev, as new video footage emerged further contradicting the Israel police’s version of events.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism