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'Fantastic Action by...Trump' - But is he any better than Merkel?

No handshake for this traitor of the Western world. Fantastic action by Donald Trump. pic.twitter.com/z03aXbtNQU

— Voice of Europe (@V_of_Europe) March 17, 2017

This was indeed a ‘fantastic action by Donald Trump’.

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Jewish Intrigue

What Linda Sarsour Said

Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour has been in the spotlight quite a bit in recent weeks. Her role in organizing the anti-Trump Women’s March, which drew… 152 more words


A Warning to Dutch Voters (On Election Day): GEERT WILDERS is a Foreign Agent...

With the Dutch elections just a couple of days away now, I decided it was important to reiterate – particularly to any readers in Holland – that the clown labelled “the Dutch Donald Trump” is actually a foreign agent being propped up to service a foreign agenda. 916 more words

The Moral Failure Of The West

Israel Is Stealing and Murdering Its Way Through Palestine — Paul Craig Roberts

Readers are asking for my take on the Israel-Gaza situation, and, believe it or not, Oxford University’s famous debating society, the Oxford Union, invited me to debate the issue. 2,318 more words

Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes in Jerusalem al-Quds

Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes and structures in east Jerusalem al-Quds, in defiance of calls to stop the practice. In the latest incident, Israeli forces tore down a residential building in northern Jerusalem al-Quds, leaving 30 Palestinians homeless. 29 more words


Andre Vitchek - Lock up England.

Today, I read an article by Andre Vitchek called Lock up England in Jail or an Insane Asylum. Broadly speaking, I agree with his commentary and it should be mandatory reading, not just for the English but for the British in general (I don’t include Ireland because they have been as much a victim of English deceit as anyone else). 1,175 more words