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Zip bombs: Blown up out of proportion?

A Vice.com article has brought fresh publicity to an old trick. The so-called “Zip bomb” is a Zip file with a fantastically high compression ratio. Researcher David Fifield created a 46-megabyte file that expands into 45 petabytes. 471 more words


This is so beautiful!

Another gorgeous story from The Dodo.

I make no apologies for featuring so quickly another article from The Dodo.

It’s just so beautiful and another example of the special characteristics of dogs. 690 more words


Cara zip sesuatu fail dalam Windows 10

Zip fail dan folder adalah alat yang sangat berguna pada
inventori anda kerana ia membolehkan anda untuk memampatkan dan menyusutkan
fail dan folder menjadikan mereka jauh lebih mudah untuk memuat naik ke penyimpanan… 222 more words

دانلود آلبوم مقدس و خشونت شاهین نجفی | Shahin Najafi The Sacred And The Violence Download

Archive_Najafi Team

Shahin Najafi – The Sacred And The Violence
Frist Shahin Najafi’s Instumental Album
Composer: Shahin Najafi
Conductor: Simon Rummel
Cover Art: Ali Baghban… 15 more words

Shahin Najafi

Enumerate and Zip in Python

Iterable is an object which can be iterated, Iterator is an object which is iterating an iterable. The link for python notebook is given at the end of the article. 242 more words


Adobe Bridge with Camera Raw and wedding

  • Zip: Wedding
  • Using Adobe DNG (Digital Negative) format in Camera Raw rather than using JPEGs or TIFF in Camera Raw
  • Zip: raw file
  • Continue to lecture on Adobe Bridge and introducing Camera Raw.
  • 6 more words