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DryBath: How to Take a Shower Without Using Any Water

A South African college student has a solution for your lazy hygiene: the Drybath. The world’s first shower gel that doesn’t require water to clean its user is conveniently packaged in a small packet, making it easy to pass on to a smelly roommate or friend, but it aims to accomplish big things. 283 more words


Waiter Accidentally Dumps Beer All Over Angela Merkel

A brush with celebrity is a highlight for a waiter serving any high-profile event, but it also means the stakes are higher. Surely one German waiter wishes his hand were steadier now after he spilled a tray of beer glasses onto German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an Ash Wednesday event last week in Demmin. 217 more words


Gross: Florida High Schoolers Too Embarassed to Shower After Gym Class

Hit the showers!” These words have struck terror in gym class students for generations. But the school shower marks more than an opportunity to towel-whip the undersized or mock the hairless or hirsute: it is a right of passage for adolescents across the United States.  236 more words