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Vacation Journal // Day 3 - Ziplining

All three of our Branson trips have mostly ended up being pretty similar.  Same vacation just in a different year.  We did end up doing two things that we hadn’t done before this time though, both of which we ended up doing on the same day: wilderness ziplining is what I have for you today. 1,000 more words


Day 15, 2016 - Hang On.....

The skeletons thirst for adventure continues with ziplining…commonly referred to by skeletons as the “death slide”.

“Or” was the first “Test Skeleton”  to check the rope  & Pumpkin jumped on for the ride of his life. 61 more words

Poseable Skeletons

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hey there,

Happy Friday!

The year was 2015, the month November and we (Mofi & I) had just flown into the airport in Cancun from two different cities, and into two different terminals. 590 more words


A L O H A Hawaii

A L O H A- How to make the most out of a short trip

This by far is a gorgeous, magical place! Hawaii for the extended weekend!   661 more words

Girl Power

Today our adorable, sweet and funny daredevil of a granddaughter, Cassie, celebrates her eighth birthday. I could post videos of her surfboarding, rock climbing, snowboarding, ziplining or indoor skydiving, but this painting I did of her, when she was really little but already her own person, says it all for me…attitude is everything! 8 more words


Can bears go to Costa Rica?

James-Robin the bear had always dreamed of going on adventures, but for a little bear, it was hard to make his dreams a reality. It was hard to go anywhere without being trampled by the crowds. 362 more words


Paris Hilton - #Ziplining thru #BurningMan with @iBlameJordan. ️️ #SuperHer...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Paris Hilton – #Ziplining thru #BurningMan with @iBlameJordan. 15 more words