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Greetings from Thailand!

I’m sitting in a cafe in the middle of the old city in Chiang Mai, Thailand right now, waiting for my mango smoothie to arrive. The wifi in this cafe is excellent, so thought I’d take advantage of it to blog before my bus ride into the mountains this afternoon. 313 more words

Day To Day Life

Hunting for Leeches and Tree Houses in Southern Laos

“Are you scared of leeches, Matt?” It wasn’t a question I had been prepared for or was thinking about. And it wasn’t that I was as scared of encountering leeches as I was scared of stumbling across a tiger or python (can one really stumble upon either? 1,347 more words


Picture (and caption) this!

I ascend with the thought…Picture (and Caption) this!

When deciding whether to embark on an adventure, my measures are pretty simple….Will there be a cool photo op? 624 more words


I miss my family :(

Nice clip! 

Just for a brief run through, the video shows:

  1. Kayaking in Chaguaramas
  2. Avocat Waterfall
  3. Zipling in Macqueripe…
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Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a time of fun, but also reflection. I woke up thinking that this time last year – things were so different. 532 more words

Skin Cancer

WWWTA - Week 3 - Flying up and away during Adventure Week

Sunday brought our Adventure campers to site and along with them a few big storms. The evening found us together in the marquee singing in a circle of benches with hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup or camp soup (chicken noodle and vegetable accidently mixed together) with crackers. 307 more words


Cancun: The perfect place for adventure and relaxation

Cancun is an awesome place for many things, depending on what you’re interested in.

You could see it as a place of relaxation, where you can just chill by the beach for days. 484 more words