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Audio: What Ancient Greek Music Actually Sounded Like

Between 750 BC and 400 BC, the Ancient Greeks composed songs meant to be accompanied by the lyre, reed-pipes, and various percussion instruments. More than 2,000 years later, modern scholars have figured out how to reconstruct and perform these songs.  159 more words


The Mountain Dulcimer

This unique instrument has been dismissed as a toy and a novelty, but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge until you see what it can do. 201 more words


On building string instruments and learning new things

Some time ago I picked up building string instruments and have built ten or so instruments so far. People are always amazed by my builds but I certainly see them as being the work of a novice.   1,241 more words

Clear the street of balloon sellers prior to stakeout: Just one important lesson learned from Carol Reed's The Third Man

One yardstick of a film’s greatness is how well it survives repeat viewings. Carol Reed’s The Third Man is championed as a movie not only withstanding familiarity but actually improving upon multiple sittings. 606 more words

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Musique con Crète

At the end of July, Tasos Stamou gave a very intriguing live sound performance at the ResidenceSEA. Additionaly, he was exploring sounds of Crete through hacking music toys, recording Cretan music and sounds at several occasions and mixing everything to create a unique sound experience with many different layers.

Antje Larsen


From our Retrovue series comes a 4K restoration of the cinematic masterpiece, Carol Reed’s The Third Man.

In postwar Vienna, none of the mutual governments trusts one another, but the responsibility and effort to rebuild war torn sections of the city is a joint one.   280 more words

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July 18, 64: Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day

Just whose fault was it anyway? Was it a cow kicking over a lantern, that strange new sect known as Christians, or the Emperor himself whom rumor would have wailing on a fiddle during the conflagration? 257 more words

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