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Kudos to the German-American Society of Central New York!

We are fortunate to live in Upstate New York with a strong immigrant community. In former times, there were clusters of Germans, Italians, Irish, and Polish to name a few in our area. 433 more words

German Language

The Third Man

My all-time favourite film is ‘The Third Man’, it’s an absolute classic and really stands the test of time, although watching it now is almost like watching a documentary about war-torn Europe in the late forties. 285 more words

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Night (for Ruan Ji) [after and for Mei Yao-ch'en]

Night (for Ruan Ji)

日從東溟轉, 夜向西海沉.

From the east the day comes spinning, revolving towards
the strange west, where descending evening colors the ocean’s every drop. 383 more words


Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin: Stow Phasing

Raw Tonk CD

Highly strung, frenetic free improv from viola player Taylor and object wrangler Mobin on this bristlingly fine release from Colin Webster’s Raw Tonk records. 518 more words

Ambient Frugging

I know I’m obsessive to a point just south of OCD with my records, everything is alphabetized to the nth degree and then kept in date order, artists are filed by their first name* and bands whose name is a number have it filed under the alphabetical equivalent, e.g – 808 State, under E.  795 more words

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