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Rumanikos Duet

This 3-minute musical snippet is an improvisation from about eight years ago. Entirely spur-of-the-moment, in the living room, and thus the recording is absolutely low tech. 741 more words


Eine Kleine Naschmarkt

If you can’t make a Mozart pun in Vienna, where in the world can you?

After a very slow start this morning (I have been bitten badly by the jet lag bug), we spent a bit of time at the Naschmarkt.   182 more words


With Montaigne in Barn Boots

By Dinty W. Moore

Here at Brevity, we’ve known Michael Perry — humorist, radio show host, recidivist memoirist, volunteer firefighter, and  intermittent pig farmer — for more than twenty-years, before he wrote his first wonderful memoir,  1,223 more words

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Brosky Gets Down with his Bad Self and a Stick

An unusual instrument in terms of not often seeing it in your typical jazz club, the Chapman Stick has almost a cult following. Pittsburgh-based Dave Brosky is not only versed in its harmonic nuances but also its genesis. 4,658 more words

Citer / Zither

En we stemmen die citer (raar snarending) met een snufje Balthasar!!! :)

Tuning my zither with a pinch of Balthasar:p

Selfie Timeeee