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The Dave Matthews Band

Quality of music aside (some of it is okay, I guess) the DMB is like the Pokemon master of musical instruments: they gotta catch ’em all. 67 more words



Edward Larry Gordon was a part-time actor and occasional zither player who supplemented his thespian income by busking in New York. In possibly one of the finest synchronicities in popular music, Brian Eno—in the Big Apple to work with avant-garde trumpeter Jon Hassell—placed a note in the busking Larry’s hat that read, ‘Would you like to meet to consider a recording project?’* 774 more words

Particular Platters

Rumanikos Duet

This 3-minute musical snippet is an improvisation from about eight years ago. Entirely spur-of-the-moment, in the living room, and thus the recording is absolutely low tech. 742 more words


Eine Kleine Naschmarkt

If you can’t make a Mozart pun in Vienna, where in the world can you?

After a very slow start this morning (I have been bitten badly by the jet lag bug), we spent a bit of time at the Naschmarkt.   182 more words

With Montaigne in Barn Boots

By Dinty W. Moore

Here at Brevity, we’ve known Michael Perry — humorist, radio show host, recidivist memoirist, volunteer firefighter, and  intermittent pig farmer — for more than twenty-years, before he wrote his first wonderful memoir,  1,223 more words

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