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Brosky Gets Down with his Bad Self and a Stick

An unusual instrument in terms of not often seeing it in your typical jazz club, the Chapman Stick has almost a cult following. Pittsburgh-based Dave Brosky is not only versed in its harmonic nuances but also its genesis. 4,658 more words

Citer / Zither

En we stemmen die citer (raar snarending) met een snufje Balthasar!!! :)

Tuning my zither with a pinch of Balthasar:p

Selfie Timeeee

Mr. Bevis

Continuing work in progress toward fulfilling my promise to my eldest angel, Mr. Bevis is a poem in the Twilight Zone series.  Season 1, episode 33 for 33 out of 36 poems this year.  504 more words

Poetry And Poems

10 Things You Should Know About the Guzheng

If you’re wondering what this harp-table looking instrument is, you’re in the right place. The Guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither, is a wood plucking instrument that can have 21 or more strings. 556 more words



I just went out for an evening walk with my doggies. I had spent too much time sitting at my desk trying to finish my paper, so I needed the exercise and the doggies needed the loo one more time before bedtime. 902 more words


The busking life: An inside look at BART’s impromptu performers.

By Brian Howey, Bay News Rising Staff Reporter

They strum, hum and literally bend over backwards to entertain passengers and passersby in BART stations and on trains. 2,225 more words

July 18, 64: Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day

Just whose fault was it anyway? Was it a cow kicking over a lantern, that strange new sect known as Christians, or the Emperor himself whom rumor would have wailing on a fiddle during the conflagration? 257 more words

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