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Ambient Frugging

I know I’m obsessive to a point just south of OCD with my records, everything is alphabetized to the nth degree and then kept in date order, artists are filed by their first name* and bands whose name is a number have it filed under the alphabetical equivalent, e.g – 808 State, under E.  795 more words

Record Collecting

Wild-Ass Philistines

This week’s word prompt for the Mutant 750 challenge is “wave.” The visual prompt is the Johnny Cash video below, titled, “Hurt.” Click… 558 more words

Flash Fiction

Ride 'em, Csikos!

Several years ago, we visited a ranch in Hungary’s Puszta, “the barren land”, and discovered a way of life we had no idea existed.  The Puszta, or great Hungarian plain, covers over 50,000 square miles and takes up most of the eastern part of the country.   180 more words


He Played Zither

Well, I am back…again.

I sit back thinking of the odd serendipity of sorts, how it happened. It was like he timed it himself or something. 719 more words

Try School. High School. Cry School.

There’s this thing that happens sometimes, when I overhear people talking. Even if it’s people I don’t know. Perhaps even more so if it’s people I don’t know. 1,300 more words

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