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On Orientalism

          Referring to the geopolitical map today, we tend to use ideological or cultural metaphors by using abstract geographical generalizations about an “East” and a “West”. These references are not used solely and necessarily as geographical indicators that help us to orientate ourselves in space, but also they are ideologically loaded stereotypes that imply different things, for example: a “level” of development or absence of “development”, complex ideas like a “type of society”, standards of living etc. 2,455 more words

Χωρίς κατηγορία

The ideology of how ‘the world really is’

From pg 210-211 of Žižek’s Like A Thief in Broad Daylight:

as it functions today, ideology appears as its exact opposite, as a radical critique of ideological utopias.

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Reconciling the psychoanalytical and the reflexive 

How can we reconcile the psychoanalytical and the reflexive? One way is to deny there’s a tension and the work of someone like Ian Craib illustrates how this can be so, excavating reflexivity as a site of fantasy that is itself acted on reflexively. 494 more words


The fragile crowd 

There’s an interesting section in Žižek’s Like a Thief in Broad Daylight reflecting on the politics of crowds. Making a similar argument to the recent book by Will Davies, he argues that political crowds involve a rejection of representation. 358 more words


Slavoj Žižek and its Discontents

I first came across Zizek while watching a program called “Who am I?” which was broadcast across Korea, where academics speak about the meaning of life, or something rather. 642 more words


How I met Slavoj Zizek, Frank Ruda and Udi Aloni.

Zizek Grundrisse

Zizek NYU

I went to a lecture with Zizek, Frank Ruda and Rebecca Comay. The lecture was about Frank Ruda and Rebecca Comay’s new book, “the Dash.” 818 more words

‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek

‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek

‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek
— Read on syntheticzero.net/2018/10/19/capitalism-and-its-threats-2018-via-zizek/

i love at about 20 mints in, Zizek repeats his running narrative which is able to change the past: The artist’s work is more complete as i view it, the author does not know completly what thier art means, and indeed the context in which a work of art is made does not contain the keys to its truth or knowledge of its meaning.

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