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Escribiendo ensayos

Como parte del proceso de postulación a la maestría tenía que escribir diferentes ensayos según los temas que cada universidad requería. De pronto cuando empecé con el… 709 more words

Aventuras Personales

CSK: Family Photos

I collected a few pictures over the previous summer months of the family on a disposable camera. Finally finished the roll. Forgot about how the delayed gratification of actual photos works.


Death by ZLOG!

I’m working on inventing a new martial art called “ZLOG!”.

ZLOG! emphasises the element of surprise. For example, by taping yourself to the ceiling of your bathroom, so you can lie in wait for your flatmate, who is also your nemesis; and then, when he finally wanders in, discovering that the adhesiveness of your tape is too strong, and therefore you are forced to hang there, suspended, while you watch all 3 hours of his skincare regime against your will. 56 more words

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

It's all coming together

Yesterday night the Varuna Project saw the addition of a Flight Computer (the ZLog-7.) This is one of the final pieces in the payload puzzle, so to speak, and soon we can begin simulated testing (i.e., throw it in a freezer for five hours.) 56 more words

Zlog: 25%

Good internet deals are all around us. Zlog has a “reppin” code for 25% of the boutique


Seattle Love

Got some Seattle love last week. Zlog sent me some decals and I helped support the upcoming Seattle NACCC 2013 by buying some patches (you should too, hint, hint).


Zlog x 19tooth HarbiteJaws Footstrap | Pre-Order

Go hit ZLOGBTQ to make some preorder ZLOG x 19tooth HardbiteJaws Footstrap!

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps.

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