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zodiac killer

theoretically, we should be the power couple

radiant, indestructible

madly in love with each other

two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly

but that’s not what i felt when i kissed you… 16 more words


Random Rabbithole: Serial Killers

I don’t know about you guys, but I think serial killers are cool as fuck. Not in a , “Hey wanna grab a beer or 2 and then go out murder innocent people?” kinda way, just in a research kinda way. 2,088 more words

Drunk White Kid Blogs


Fear… Everyone has it… It could be a fear of monsters under your bed, or of spiders, dogs, heights, water, germs. Many people have social anxiety and fear that they will say the wrong thing or will offend someone or will make a fool of themselves. 526 more words

My Story

It is better to be feared...


Machiavelli wrote these famous words, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”


Fast forward 400 or so years to Southern California. 552 more words

Fashion Designers

Ted Cruz Is NOT The Zodiac Killer

The 2016 was a goldmine of political memes — in part because of the growing technology, but also in part because of the wide array of candidates. 620 more words


SFR 444: The Power of Four

–According to the Doomsday clock, we are now two minutes away from “apocalyptic midnight.” Just what does all this mean? And is it worth worrying about at all? 274 more words


Lead Detective In San Francisco Zodiac Killer Case Dies

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Dave Toschi, the San Francisco police detective who led the unsuccessful investigation into the Zodiac serial killing a half-century ago, has died. 315 more words