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The Most Dangerous Animal Of All - Stewart

After being reunited with his mother after a closed adoption, Stewart goes through a miraculous search to find his father. What follows, is an incredibly engaging and shocking journey in which Stewart ultimately discovers his father to be the notorious Zodiac killer. 197 more words

Zodiac killer Pt.4

Witnesses called 911.  Two teens hadn’t heard any gunshot.  It was sheer luck that they had seen the killer remove himself from the scene, leaving the lifeless body of 29 year-old cabbie, Paul Lee Stine in his San Francisco taxicab.  1,315 more words

Zodiac Killer

Leila Fowler Trial Information

Due scheduling conflicts and continued testing of key physical evidence, the trial date in the Leila Fowler murder case was moved from August 5, 2015 to September 15, 2015.

Zodiac killer Pt.3

After hearing their screams for help, a man and his son; fishing in a nearby cove on Lake Berryessa, discovered the victims and summoned help by contacting park rangers. 1,364 more words

Life And Death

Zodiac killer Pt.2

An American serial killer whom has never been identified is on our agenda. Much has been written and continues to be written speculating as to whom the Zodiac Killer may be. 1,705 more words

Life And Death

Zodiac killer Pt.1

An American serial killer whom has never been identified is the latest case to cross our desk. By the look of this faded newspaper, we know that we are winding the clock back; the late 1960’s in fact. 2,416 more words

Losts And Founds

5 Mysteries That Have Fascinated Me Since Childhood

Some of the books I’ve written are based on mysteries, aliens, and other life forms. Do they exist? Are they already here on this planet? Here are five mysteries that have interested me ever since I was a child. 345 more words

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