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It Was A Dark and Stormy Time

I am a late baby boomer, born at the tail end of that teeming generation. Growing up during the 60’s and 70’s, Halloween was always such a fun and safe holiday. 546 more words


The Maltese cross, a symbol of repentance, dangled from Jacob Karns’ sliver hook that he had used to rip judgment on 13 soiled doves in The Year of our Lord 1862. 600 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Spider-Man vs. Rimbaud

I recently returned to China after a few weeks back home in the good ole U.S.A. On the plane, I watched The Amazing Spider-Man for the second time. 1,143 more words


David Silvey's Project Artichoke: Overview

I last saw Zodiac murder victim Darlene Ferrin at her house painting party in Vallejo, California on May 24, 1969. Two overly dressed, strange men came to Darlene’s house that night, men that I have known about since the early sixties. 1,829 more words

Bobby Kennedy

Introduction to David Silvey's Project Artichoke

This manuscript is an attempt to chronicle the observations and direct participation of one man in the events that led up to a psycho circus of U. 552 more words

Bobby Kennedy

The Most Dangerous Animal Of All - Stewart

After being reunited with his mother after a closed adoption, Stewart goes through a miraculous search to find his father. What follows, is an incredibly engaging and shocking journey in which Stewart ultimately discovers his father to be the notorious Zodiac killer. 197 more words

Zodiac killer Pt.4

Witnesses called 911.  Two teens hadn’t heard any gunshot.  It was sheer luck that they had seen the killer remove himself from the scene, leaving the lifeless body of 29 year-old cabbie, Paul Lee Stine in his San Francisco taxicab.  1,315 more words

Zodiac Killer