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Astrology in October 2017

We have reached the peak of the end of 2017. With just 3 months left in the year, we are seeing some final planet transitions in astrology. 25 more words


This Is The First Thing That Makes People Fall In Love With You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


(March 21st to April 19th)

The fact that you never stop feeling excited about life.


(April 20th to May 21st)

The way you make every person you meet feel instantly comfortable and accepted when they’re with you. 218 more words

Is Twitter a tailor-made dress?

Fashion Cycle focuses on fashion as a theme to keep people updated on fashion trends.

What stood out 

Daily Sun addressed the financial section of Soweto Fashion Week… 295 more words


The Kind of Man You Need Based Off of Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes you just have to listen to your inner calling and when you do, you’ll be able to find someone who is made for you! Here are the type of men you should be looking for based on your Zodiac Sign. 1,253 more words

I’m a child of God, not a gemini...

Did you read what your horoscope said for the day???

For years I believed the lies connected to a zodiac sign that just so happened to say the same thing for millions of others born within that same time frame as myself. 385 more words


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For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. Romans 8:14 As children of God we are to be led by the Holy Spirit and not astrologists who don't even know their future. Our future is ultimately decided and fully known by God. But we often willingly surrender our future to be controlled by the devil through astrologists. I have heard of people who subscribe to them every day so they can know what their day is going to be like. There used to be a time when i felt awkward not knowing my zodiac sign and what it meant. I never believed in it totally but i just felt like i needed to know just like everyone else. I must confess i have looked my zodiac sign up in the past to find out what it says about my birth month. To be honest, i did think for a moment that they got it right. I instantly started attributing my character flaws to my zodiac signs. This gave me a good excuse and escape route as to why i can't be better in those areas. There was a sense of comfort in knowing that i wasn't the only one like me and that millions of people who has my zodiac sign had the same character flaws like myself. So my conversation with those who were in my group was more like "oh that is how we are... it's a leo thing". Instead of going before God and praying to Him to help me become a better person, it was easier for me to blame everything on what my zodiac sign says. The bible didn't tell me that i am Leo. The bible says i am a child of God. The Holy Spirit lives in the inside of me. I am a royal priesthood. It says that God created me in His own image and likeness. Wow! So what this means is that the whole of me was made by God. And if this is true then He is able to fix any part of me that needs to be fixed. Now when asked what my zodiac sign is, i simply reply "child of God". It doesn't matter who thinks i am awkward or weird or overly religious. But i have determined never to give witchcraft power and authority over my life and destiny. Never feel compelled to follow the crowd. Know the truth about you and don't be ashamed or embarrassed to trace your identity to Christ and not a zodiac sign.

My zodiac sign is and whether or not it’s a good fit

I have found that reading horoscope is a form of entertainment, as most people do agree. People would agree or disagree on most of it is information based on their zodiac sign. 590 more words


The Ascendant/Rising Sign – Your Identity

In astrology, the Ascendant, or Rising Sign, represents the identity we put forth to the world. How others see you and identify you may even be much more like your Rising Sign than your… 261 more words