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Young Sheldon

Being a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, I was eager to watch Young Sheldon and verify all the facts I had learned about Sheldon’s younger years. 210 more words


What Makes A Legend Most-  A Review of Young Sheldon

Ever since I witnessed the beheading of Zoe Perry’s evil bitch on “Scandal”, I have been waiting for the premiere of “Young Sheldon.” Perry is a true thoroughbred coming from award winning actress Laurie Metacalf and Steppenwolf theatre founder and Scandal star, Jeff Perry. 425 more words



Zoe Perry was born in 1984. She is known for her work on The Family (2016), Private Practice (2007) and No Pay, Nudity (2016).

Actress (21 credits) 241 more words


Young Sheldon: Pilot

The show starts with scenes from the trailer. Sheldon playing with the trains, and the family around the dinner table with the mittens. Sheldon’s voice over explains he alternate accent, because Jim Parsons in not from Texas. 505 more words


TV's Big Bang Comes to Texas - Sort of

Young Sheldon the spin-off of the megahit sitcom The Big Bang Theory will, of course, be set in Texas.  In TBBT, Jim Parsons, a Houston native, plays social misfit genius Sheldon Cooper who was fictionally raised in east Texas in a  bible-thumping, sports and gun loving family.  216 more words

Why These Scandal Cast Members Should Be Nominated for an Emmy

 Well it’s that time of year again and now we have a real game changer. At the ABC Upfronts Shonda Rhimes announced that this would be the last year of “Scandal.” As members of the National Academy ofTelevision  Arts and Sciences are voting , me and the other fans would like them to remember a few names when they are casting their ballots. 1,148 more words


It's The End of the World ...

Mellie has made her choice and that is Vargas’ widow as Veep. Peus doesn’t buy it and doesn’t appreciate Samantha being kept as a hostage . 755 more words