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Holding off on the Prozac... and getting an Endocrinologist

I talked to Dr. B2 today over the university’s health care messaging system. She thought it would be best if I didn’t start the Prozac, and that the neurologist (Dr. 140 more words


orange juice
a small blue pill
feel the wave of fog
settle over you
as the sun’s rays pierce
through the blind
move forward… 8 more words


No More Zoloft

I think I had an allergic reaction to it.

Last night about 15 minutes after taking it I thought I had heartburn in my lower throat so took some Tums and drank some water. 381 more words

Medication Scare

So had a HUGE scare with my medicine.
When I had my colonoscopy done, I usually receive a list of medications I’m on. Well, because I was too worried to really look at it and because I had been pretty sure I told them way before my… 175 more words

Can't You See It's Not Me

Take a picture of me.
I bet you’ll see that I am free.
Touch the essence of my soul.
I bet you’ll realize then that this is me. 110 more words


Zoloft And Vomiting

Hey.. I recently started Zoloft (25mg) about 4 days ago, and today when I took my dose at 6:30 am instead of 10 am, about an hour later I had a bad headache on only the right side of my head and I ended up vomiting 3 times at school. 51 more words

Zoloft and weight gain...

I have been on Zoloft for probably a good steady 8-10 years now.  I have gained about 90 pounds. I have been eating right and exercising, and it seems I can only get down so much and then it stops. 122 more words