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Making zombies: Antidepressant nightmare

Antidepressant nightmare

Hey James, I have been married to my wife for 10 yrs and have been dealing with a huge abundance of disrespect. She doesn’t care that I am not happy.

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Satanism / Satanisme

Sertraline / Zoloft - Wearing Off Time Scale?

hello. I take 50mg per day of Sertraline, normally with my evening meal, as this is what works best for me in terms of managing the nausea and stomach upsets. 78 more words

A Tiring Dream

I’ve talked about this in the past in my posts My Zoloft Nightlife and Sertraline: The Good and the Bad, but I’m going to bring it up again because it is such a strange thing that happens to me almost every night! 530 more words


Healthy Moods: Could This be a Better Choice for Depression?

We all experience times when we feel down or face a distressing situation. However, many people suffer with what is referred to as MDD, major depressive disorder. 306 more words


Zoloft Rash

Here are pictures of what my legs look like after digging at them all damn day.  The only thing that has helped is Benadryl and swimming in the pool. 34 more words


Positive Thinking

Did you ever meet someone who was positive all the time; who may even say, “it’s all good” even when confronted by enormous problems?  It’s a rare individual who can believe it’s all good or who seems joyful and happy even in the face of severe obstacles. 266 more words


My first few days back in Thailand were massively miserable. I went straight to Bangkok to hide out in a grotty hostel where predictably (and annoyingly) one of the first things a Thai lady said to me was, “You boy or girl…I think you tomboy”. 375 more words