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The Day of Calm

Today it has been nearly a month since I have started my medication and since then I have slowly increased my dosage. Currently I am taking 100 mg every night before going to bed. 221 more words

Let Me Introduce You To My New and Upcoming Co-Author

Sertraline. She’s a little bit different and brings out a new side to me, or at least she has done in the past. When we are together things have gotten a little bit interesting to say the least. 464 more words


Birthday Presents!

I turned 27 yesterday! That means I’m properly in my late twenties now! Hurrah! Also, I have a shiny new toy and am typing this on it! 763 more words

Mental Health

The Creative Juices are Flowing

Someday, I’d like to write a memoir. Originally, it was going to be about anxiety and faith, and maybe it still is, but I want it to be more than that. 396 more words


A month without medication

Hello world!  This post may shock some of you that know me, because I try not to burden others with my specific problems cause we all have them.  2,900 more words


Wikipediocracy: Are WMF employees junkies or criminals?

One of the curious things about the Wikipedia criticism site Wikipediocracy, is that unlike Wikipedia, it does not have audit trails so you can trace edits and find out who made them, and who deleted them.  171 more words