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Hollow Days

Some days, weeks and months I go through the motions.

I prepare meals, assist with homework, go to church, attend baseball games, attempt intimacy and provide transportation when needed. 499 more words

Third time's the charm?

Welp, the Zoloft didn’t work very well so now I am trying Cymbalta…maybe third time is the charm with this one. The SSRI meds werent completely working and I am still exhausted all the time and pretty depressed but I was less angry and was much more calm so they worked a bit. 105 more words


First Prenatal Appointment and Ultrasound

Today was my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound. We walked up to the front desk to check in, where I was given a ton of paperwork on family health history to fill out (even though I had already completed the same forms on their website and with an intake nurse over the phone). 1,375 more words


Antidepressed: How Drugs Changed My Thoughts

Depression is a relationship. That’s why there are two voices here: my voice and the voice of my depression.


Life is so real. Senses are good. 828 more words

Jordan Swallows His Pride

If I had to highlight my biggest flaw, I would say its my pride. I have too much of the stuff, it’s everywhere. And it can really cause problems for me. 744 more words


I thought I was a lion
until the vultures circled
so closely above my brain
that I couldn’t think to shield myself
before they made their vicious swoop. 74 more words


Same Old

Sitting on a stage at work entering bids on antiques into a computer in front of an audience of chilly strangers and I’m seized with a panic that I’ve been a terrible friend to anyone I’ve ever known. 96 more words