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They're Just Tears

So I had a couple days during week ten that were not cool. I missed work because I couldn’t stop crying. It was bizarre. Everyone said it’s normal, this is normal. 264 more words


Ticking Clocks

It’s been over a year since I’ve heard an internal clock ticking. It was about this time last year we learned Scarlett was coming. Prior to that it haunted me. 184 more words


Analysis Shows Pharma Corps, FDA Collude to Push Dangerous Antidepressants on Youth

By Elizabeth Montag |  The Anti Media

Copenhagen, Denmark —Pharmaceutical companies systematically suppress pertinent data showing the increased risk of suicide and aggression in young patients taking antidepressants, a scientific analysis has demonstrated. 1,248 more words



I never met a strong person with an easy past

I am ‘reason’ type of person, which means the ones who believe that everything like thoughts, ideas, aims, pains, joys, and any sentient things come from this very mind, no such things as soul or in a cheesier term—heart.

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Tanpa Kategori

long drives, Zoloft hazes, and love

We were in the car after I left a difficult graduate presentation.I had spaced out, completely closed off in my thoughts.I envisioned escaping and never coming back.The same bus or car, route of escape dream came back to me.The one I’ve had since I was a very young child (I don’t know if I’ve ever known true happiness.) 350 more words

Can You Stay Young Alone?

“Can you stay young alone?”

This question was asked in a fellow blogger’s post, and it struck a chord that I felt moved to consider. And it raised more questions. 406 more words


How Are You?

Hello my dear WordPress friends!! Man has it been a LOOONG time. How is everyone doing? What’s new in your life? How is 2016 treating you? 467 more words

Life Update