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What Now, Prozac?

So this post might be a bit rambling, I want to just vent about my week dealing with my depression and anxiety.  My parents returned from their winter home and haven’t asked me any dumb questions about work or my depression… 181 more words



I am the one who had an emotional affair, who broke the trust in our marriage, yet it is I who must learn to forgive. My resentment eats away at me in ways I was not aware of until recent events shined a light on my relationship with my husband, a light so bright that every flaw, every error, every hurt and failure is magnified and undeniable. 535 more words


Memories - Of being asleep 

I have memories coming to me in small flashes. I used to live with memories. Their prisoner, but it’s like all those burning memories were dampened by placing a heavy wet canvas on them when I started taking medicines for depression. 326 more words

Bipolar 2

Lamotrigine Day 29 

I stepped up from 50mg to 100mg today. I’ve had the first 50 in the morning and will have the second 50 at night.

I haven’t slept very well the past three nights. 154 more words

Bipolar 2


I don’t know exactly how it happened.

One minute we were on a walk with our four year old daughter and dog, talking about the mundane minutia of our life when I heard myself telling him “You know, I am finally really seeing a difference with the zoloft. 55 more words


Anxiety Climbing

Well, it’s the end of the week and time to reflect.  I haven’t been filling out my mood journal like I am supposed to and now I am feeling guilty.  736 more words


Posed Birth-Defect Risk

By Jef Feeley

Pfizer Inc. researchers concluded last year that pregnant women taking Zoloft risked having babies with heart defects, according to evidence made public by a lawyer at the first trial of more than 1,000 lawsuits over the drug. 785 more words