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Zomba Residential

After the half term holiday, our Year 3/4 class went on their annual residential. This year, they stayed at the Pakachere Backpackers (in Zomba). I decided to join them for the visit. 135 more words

Zomba & the Lake

Two weekend getaways two months apart in two of Malawi’s most extraordinary places.

Just a few weeks after arriving in Malawi our social sponsors, the family that prepared and eased our transition to the country, whisked us off for the Labor Day weekend.  2,658 more words

Life In The Foreign Service

A couple of weeks of indulgence, then back to work

Long time no writings…. The reason being, I’ve been either hardcore relaxing or hardcore working. Our week in Lilongwe was really great. Saying this, Lilongwe is probably the worst capital city I’ve been in; there’s literally nothing interesting to do. 959 more words

Leading A Development Project In Malawi

The Spy Who Logged Me

The drive to Zomba took 5 hours in a packed ‘which is which tours’ minibus. It’s around 250km on a good surfaced road,but takes so long because of the amount of stops so all the passengers can do their weekly shop from the roadside vendors. 566 more words


The storm before the calm

Today is Friday; day of rest in the Arab world.

I woke up around 7am, as usual.  As expected, ze Hunzenjammer lackeys started up around 11:00pm last night. 818 more words


World Tourism Day

On Wednesday many countries across the world celebrated ‘World Tourism Day’.  This falls on the 27th September every year.  This year, Malawi selected Zomba (the old capital city) to host the national event.  225 more words

Cohort One Ends

More endings, more goodbyes. It’s an inevitable part of this kind of life. I’m used to it, but that doesn’t make it any easier. At least my goodbyes to host families, YONECO staff and youths at the drop in centres were all temporary – I would be back there with the new group of volunteers. 1,052 more words

Leading A Development Project In Malawi