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Daily life #3

Special effects day was today, i have never ever done this before. All the stuff you use is difficult and the shading of everything. Lets just say i need to practice a lot more, but it was fun. 282 more words

Come Follow Me

this is my first song that i made. i personally think that this is so far my best song. thanks for listening! leave a like and/or comment if you guys want more songs! 16 more words


Lil Lullaby

i made this song about when halloween was close. i wanted to make a horror song for the season. its not the best thing, but i heard it isn’t that bad. 23 more words


I Married My Dad?!

wow and I thought things couldn’t get any more stranger! and no this billboard isn’t about me. only up north, is where all the incest is!


The Sequel II?

I was enjoying killing cops, and I saw this movie poster. now this looks like the movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family! that’s where I take them, IF I HAD ANY!


Small Achievement: Rayman musical level #2

this is part two of the rayman musical levels. each level gets harder and harder as they progress higher and higher. i do not the song in this video. 13 more words


Small Achievement: cod bo3 speed-run #2

this is my second speed-run achievement from call of duty, black ops 3.  this is a little bit harder than the 1st speed-run. i done this course without dying once, again! 20 more words