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Cult Comic Essentials: Zombee

A dutiful Samurai, a madcap Ninja and a bizarro Zen Monk team up to battle the undead in Feudal Japan. Can these unlikely allies stay friends long enough to stop the zombees from taking over their homeland? 12 more words


ZomBee Hunters

Truth can be stranger than any fiction. We were reading an interesting article yesterday about parasitic flies that are eating the brains of Vermont honeybees. These flies, known as phorid flies pierce the abdomen of honeybees and deposit eggs. 308 more words

The T's House

King of the pocrasti-NATION

50,000 words in and I think that I have solved the structural problems (WHAT A MESS) 168 more words


Bulletproofing for soldiers and law enforcement officers has lightened up considerably in recent years, but it promises get insanely thin with new nanotechnology coming out of MIT and Rice University. 249 more words

Not The Ride I Expected

Welcome to The Furnace Creek 508. The one thing I know for sure about this race is that it is never what I expect it to be. 764 more words


Taper! Anticipate! Stress!

I’ve been negligent on my blog, but there’s a pretty good reason for it. ;-)

Let’s start catching up by mentioning the “taper.” This past week/weekend started my tapering for the big race. 401 more words


This Shit Just Got Real


OK, you can decide if the headline of this post is a) an homage to the Bad Boys II movie, or b) an homage to Hot Fuzz. 374 more words