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The Reaper

This is what i see when i think about “The Reaper”. A dark┬ámysterious being, that everybody knows and accepts him but nobody likes him. He just does his job and leaves. 17 more words

Zombee Apocalypse

My New Icon?

i made this while in class. Should i use this as my icon for now? comment below if you have any suggestions.

Zombee Apocalypse

Sorry For The Lack Of Videos!

Sorry for the lack of videos! I was at my dads and i dont even have good cell service videos there. i am back in track on making videos!

Zombee Apocalypse


hey im zombeekiller4u. i will try to post more in this site. i tried twitter and facebook to reach out to yall but im socially weird and i couldnt get used to those social media but i do like this blogging website! 15 more words

Zombee Apocalypse

Daily life #3

Special effects day was today, i have never ever done this before. All the stuff you use is difficult and the shading of everything. Lets just say i need to practice a lot more, but it was fun. 282 more words