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The Walking Dead RECAP: Spoilers!

First and foremost, there are spoilers here. So if you have not watched tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, now would be a good time to exit. 952 more words

A Whole New World

Zombies in International Relations

What if the whole world, rather than just some remote hamlets populated by attractive young people with no future in movies, was attacked by zombies?  Daniel Drezner has addressed this question in Theories of International Politics and Zombies (Princeton University Press, 2010).  540 more words

Baird to the bone

Today I need to write about a man who has been on my mind a lot lately. He is a complicated man full of unending paradoxes and rhetorical bluster. 560 more words

Political Stuff

White Rice, An Apocalyptic Staple

Storing bulk amounts of food for long-term use can be a tricky task… especially if you’re not sure what to hold on to. But white rice is a great way, inexpensive, yet highly valuable way to get started. 340 more words


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Trucker's Friend creator is an honored hero

The Trucker’s Friend, manufactured in the USA by Innovation Factory, has been featured before in Zombie Apocalypse Monthly and has certainly captured the hearts of many in the zombie prepper community, but story of its creator ( 94-year-old Gys van Beek) is more fascinating than the tool itself. 307 more words

Equipping For Disaster

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Zombie Land

The biggest contribution, the hugest impact, (positive that is) that we, humans (as a race) have been able to have on the world in my view is MUSIC. 643 more words

Philosophical Tinge'