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Zombie Stealth Attacks

Zombies can attack living humans with high-technology like Facebook, email, telephones, and coffee.  Humans have a need to be respected, treated professionally, and generally not-judged by total strangers, and especially Zombies. 146 more words


Spur, Texas Zombie Capital of the World

This town has a very large population of Zombies, less than 10% living humans.  We have almost eradicated all of the living people to create a Zombie paradise.   136 more words

Zombie Announcements

Never Lead or Follow, always stand in the way!

The best defense against anyone wanting to improve anything in Spur is to never make a decision, and just stand in the way.  You can stand in the way by joining every Board and Committee and tabling every item forever, unless of course it benefits you personally as a Zombie or your Committee only.

Zombie Defenses

Attention all Zombies of Spur

To all Spur Zombies, there are citizens in our midst trying to improve the community and reverse decades of our valuable neglect and decay.  We must stop this at once! 56 more words

Zombie Announcements


Greetings and salutations oh lofty blog readers,

I hope you’ve missed me, because I’m kind of sensitive and my feelings would really be hurt if you didn’t.   848 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

T'was the Night Before the Zombie Apocalypse

Seasons Greetings to all of my minions,

As you can see we have rid ourselves of the local zombie infestation and replaced the decorations with more traditional bunting.   594 more words

Eerie Dwarf

In search of my muse

When last we talked I heading to the Slice Your Own Deli to enlist the help of the muses to take out the zombie horde.  Well the muses have been difficult to track down.   634 more words

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