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Kerry-anne Mendoza: 'Austerity: The Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the Zombie Economy'

As a writer I appreciate writing as a craft, as an art form. It almost doesn’t matter what the content is, a well crafted book is a pleasure to read. 205 more words

Opinion: A Petrified Zombie Economy.

Fiat currencies are dead- inflated away by QE thank’s to the combo- 1-2 knock out of the Keynesian and monetarist policies pursued by the US & UK-EU. 390 more words

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"zombie economy" question in Delaware Senate debate

The coverage of Senate debates on CSPAN2 is really awesome. Right now on TV is yesterday’s Delaware Senate Debate between Senator Chris Coons (D) and Kevin Wade (R). 47 more words


de-zombification of zombie banks

From Reuters column: “Banco Espirito Santo and bail-ins” by James Saft:

The resolution of BES, should it prove necessary, might bring other benefits. Guntram Wolff, a director at European think tank Breugel, argues that it might ultimately lead to ‘

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We'll Sell If The Price Is Right OR As RH Say - Connecting The Dots Of Financial Crime

It’s just a matter of putting all the known information together, and seeing where it leads.


Rather than targeting ordinary families how about dipping into the accounts of firms such as Amazon, Google and Starbucks which avoid paying the taxman with impunity?  292 more words

This chart is a top concern for global investors right now

Another day, another selloff in the Asian markets. China’s Shanghai Composite was down more than 1%. (Though Hong Kong’s Hang Seng was roughly flat.) Other China-linked markets are also taking it on the chin. 195 more words