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Post Procrastination & Bunny Zombie Jesus Holiday Weekend

So. This posting every day in April thing is not going so well. Neither is my “Sunday Sobriety Song” plan of posting a song related to addiction, recovery or sobriety every Sunday. 122 more words

Happy Easter

Living abroad I always miss the big holidays I used to celebrate back home, but even then I don’t think I’ve celebrated Easter since I was a little kid. 42 more words


Silly Sunday: Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

It’s Zombie Jesus Day!

I’d make a joke about Passover, but…gefilte fish…*shudder*…so I’m just going to stick to Zombie Jesus. Zombie Jesus is rad. Hey! Do you think that’s why we’ve never been able to find his body? 345 more words

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! 

No matter what you celebrate, we hope that you have a great day filled with creepy bunnies and candy, all!


Zombie Jesus Bread instead of Braaaiins!!

Please accept this bread in place of our braaaiins!  (It’s challah.)Ooohhhh, that looks better than braaaiins!


The Easter Bunny Gets It! An Easter Special (Chef Scotty B)

So, around 2000 years ago this long haired sandal wearing hippy type dude set off telling the world about peace and love and all manner of lovely fluffy ideas. 813 more words