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The children went off to school quite happily on Monday after their two-week break. I was surprised. It also happened to be my birthday, and my husband was home, so we were able to have a lovely lunch date. 390 more words


Ζήτω η Άνοιξη - Κάτω το Πάσχα

«Λάβετε φάγετε· τούτο ΕΙΝΑΙ το Σώμα μου… Πίετε εξ αυτού πάντες, διότι τούτο ΕΙΝΑΙ το αίμα μου»

..he preach-ed and bleed-ed, brain feed-ed’s what the bible says…

(Χ) καιρός

Easter Tears: Stop Crying Over Zombie Jesus

Easter season is upon us, and I am up to my ears once again in stories about people being moved by various prayers and songs and readings of the Passion last weekend. 851 more words


Easter 2016: What Do You Say To That?

Even without a calendar, I would know what time of year it is. The weather has been pretty nice, there are flowers in my house, we suffered through the daylight savings fiasco without anyone having a stroke, my Christian forum groups are arguing over the pagan origins of Easter and debating whether or not it’s appropriate to celebrate, and my facebook feed is filling up with offensive Jesus/Easter memes. 493 more words

Study Series

Silly Sunday: Seasonal Silliness

Greetings! Ciao! Aloha! Salve! Merhaba! Other words meaning hello, welcome, and/or yo! (I’m on coffee right now…forgive me, dear readers. Also, that reminds me…my streak on Duo Lingo is…well, let’s just say there is no streak. 189 more words