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Ζήτω η Άνοιξη - Κάτω το Πάσχα

«Λάβετε φάγετε· τούτο ΕΙΝΑΙ το Σώμα μου… Πίετε εξ αυτού πάντες, διότι τούτο ΕΙΝΑΙ το αίμα μου»

..he preach-ed and bleed-ed, brain feed-ed’s what the bible says…

(Χ) καιρός

Easter Tears: Stop Crying Over Zombie Jesus

Easter season is upon us, and I am up to my ears once again in stories about people being moved by various prayers and songs and readings of the Passion last weekend. 851 more words


Easter 2016: What Do You Say To That?

Even without a calendar, I would know what time of year it is. The weather has been pretty nice, there are flowers in my house, we suffered through the daylight savings fiasco without anyone having a stroke, my Christian forum groups are arguing over the pagan origins of Easter and debating whether or not it’s appropriate to celebrate, and my facebook feed is filling up with offensive Jesus/Easter memes. 493 more words

Study Series

Silly Sunday: Seasonal Silliness

Greetings! Ciao! Aloha! Salve! Merhaba! Other words meaning hello, welcome, and/or yo! (I’m on coffee right now…forgive me, dear readers. Also, that reminds me…my streak on Duo Lingo is…well, let’s just say there is no streak. 189 more words

Nativity of the Living Dead

He Died For Your Sins (and Came Back For Your Brains)

December is upon us. And for a vast majority, that means one thing: Christmas. The advertisements are airing; the sales are in full swing; and decorations start to light up the evenings. 297 more words

Accessory Structure


In an effort to distract myself from this shitty week, I went to YouTube and looked for any new videos that might be of interest. I just searched aimlessly through the stuff that has been recently posted, and then I stumbled upon this. 451 more words