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Argentine zombie romp ‘What’s Left of Us’ on DVD in the UK this May

A common trend on social media these days is the myriad of twenty somethings with the world as their oyster proclaiming they are bored. Smh? Yes we think so. 301 more words

DVD Release

The Ten Coolest Shots from "Land of the Dead"

George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead was first released in theaters nearly a decade ago in the June of 2005.

Comprised of very cool tones from cinematographer Miroslaw Baszak, … 74 more words


#554 -- Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead (2014)

So, Dead Snow was really awesome. I wouldn’t have thought it could get much better, but…here we are. They go to a higher level here, and cause more widespread damage. 307 more words


It's Pitbull! It's Pitbull! Nooo It's A Podcast

Don’t have a hilarious rambling post for you today. Nope. Instead I have the inaugural episode of a podcast I started called Fully Loaded.

Here’s about it… 177 more words

The Returned (2013)

Most zombie movies follow the formula of “Man (sometimes woman) tries to survive undead apocalypse, with mixed results”. When I saw the description on The Returned I felt my interest piqued. 605 more words


Trailer Park--The "What the ?" Edition: Arnold and zombies? Fassbender and cowboys?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in a new zombie movie, and it’s not a comedy?

Michael Fassbender is starring in a Western?

It can only be… 342 more words


"World War Z" - Brad Pitt's Zombie Action Epidemic

In 2013, I attended the Thursday night premiere of “World War Z”, the zombie action flick based, quite loosely, on Max Brooks’ novel of the same title. 551 more words

Walking Dead