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Contracted - Movie Review

This movie was very produced, cast, and directed. It was about a young woman who picks up a zombie-changing STD the night she is date raped. 95 more words

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By C. Michael Forsyth

WASHINGTON — Zombies rise from the grave craving sex, not hungering for human flesh, according to startling eyewitness reports. In dozens of cases coast to coast, the lust-crazed walking dead have made awkward advances at living people — and have sometimes even bedded them. 670 more words

Our Walking Dead

The billboards here on the Sunset Strip keep changing. That’s where the major studios tout their latest films – it makes those who worked on them, driving home to Beverly Hills, feel good about themselves. 3,956 more words

Donald Trump

Night of the Pizza

My dog, Fido, barked as the Romero Pizza delivery driver approached the door.  It was week four of my pizza marathon and, 28 days later, I had returned to Romero’s.   378 more words


In Order to Come Back to Life, Zombie Movies Need to Die

There is no doubt that zombie franchises have reached a new level of mainstream popularity and acceptance in the last ten years.

28 Weeks Later (2007)


Summary: 28 Weeks Later picks up right where 28 Days Later left off. NATO has taken control of Great Britain and created a safe zone for those displaced by the Rage Virus to live. 518 more words

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