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Alien Dead

This is a bloody god awful mess.

The Poster / VHS Cover:
On it’s own this isn’t SO bad. A classic “woman-in-distress” image with a hand rising up from below. 324 more words

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‘Infected’ hits DVD next month

Stop us if you have heard this before. It’s the end of the world and everyone turns into zombies except for a group of people. Hey we aren’t trying to say that there needs to be some new formula to introduce the undead but come on now the world can only end so many times right? 190 more words

DVD Release

A '28 Months Later' Movie Is In The Works

When Alex Garland was promoting his movie Ex Machina a few months ago, he mentioned that he was in talks with Danny Boyle and Andrew Macdonald about a third film in the “28 ” series, possibly called… 195 more words


Don’t wait help save ‘Dawn of The Dead’ bridge

A film that will remain in the hearts of zombie fans for some time is George Romero’s timeless zombie epic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Set inside the historic Monroeville Mall there have been zombie walks and countless pictures taken of the historic bridge found throughout the movie. 374 more words

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Zombie Movies Ranked

I am not much of a discriminating viewer. If the synopsis sounds interesting, I will watch it. I’ve sat through more movies than walked out on them. 174 more words

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#570 -- Re-Animator (1985)

A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.

259 more words

Argentine zombie romp ‘What’s Left of Us’ on DVD in the UK this May

A common trend on social media these days is the myriad of twenty somethings with the world as their oyster proclaiming they are bored. Smh? Yes we think so. 301 more words

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