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ZZT - Partys Over Los Angeles EP

ZZT may appear to be some sort of cryptic group, who have some small cult following but no. In fact, Turbo Recordings label head, Tiga and German techno producer Zombie Nation are behind one of the most fascinating EP’s I’ve possibly stumbled across. 110 more words


Remix | Zombie Nation "Kernkraft 400" (W&W)

Willem van Hanegem & Ward van der Harst are the great team behind W&W project. Today they released a ┬áremix of Zombie Nations… 19 more words


"Capsule world" 5.

As the GiantSoul walks through streets of Soul City he sees tons of capsule buildings. Souls can exist in these capsules 24/7. They are on constant life and “needed information” support. 290 more words

Ep. 4: Shun of the Dead


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This week, Patient Zero laments this episode’s original recording and an hour and twenty minutes of his life that would lead to the very first Shun of the Dead. 18 more words


Zombie Nation- Kernkraft 400

This is a fairly old electronic song but it is still is truly awesome. Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation is an addictive techno/electronic song created by German DJ Florian Senfter (Zombie Nation). 55 more words

Awesome Songs

REVIEW: Brassica - Man Is Deaf

Home to such innovative minds as Om Unit, Ital Tek and Jon Convex, London’s Civil Music imprint continues the hunt for idiosyncratic artistry with… 269 more words