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State of Decay: Video Game Review and Analysis

State of Decay originally came out on the Xbox 360 on June 5th in 2013 and eventually on Steam in December that same year. It was developed by Undead Labs and was their first game. 4,242 more words

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Video Game Reviews: Zombotron

In this video game review we discuss the arcade game called, “Zombotron”..it was pretty cool. n the game you have to zill…lol…zill or kill….. these zombies that are trying to get you and make it to the end of each level without dying. 60 more words

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Top 10 Zombie Video Games

With the ever increasing fantasies for the super natural creatures, the zombie games have found a perfect fit in the gaming world . With thousands of gaming lovers trying find the perfect zombie game for their appetite, here is a list of top ten games of the wild spreading genre which have stood out in the gaming world ( 921 more words

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Dying Light gets a new trailer at E3, plus a new release date that will delay the dying.

Awhile back we mentioned the new PS4 game DYING LIGHT, it was pretty close to it’s original release date back in April. In fact, when I bought a PS4, this was my first intended purchase besides what I picked up with the console.   151 more words

World War Z game coming to ios & android.....and here's a preview....

It’s no secret my not so positive reaction to what the WWZ movie has seemingly become, (namely a generic running-zombie cgi fest w/Brat Pitt!) however when it comes to video games, especially zombie-related games, I can be quite more forgiving of all the usual and familiar tropes as long as the game is fun to play. 57 more words

Get a taste of what's in store in Dead Island: Riptide in this 10 minute game-play preview

Fans of Dead Island will be happy to see that it looks like the sequel has been largely unchanged, and is more of a tweaking job for the follow up “Dead Island: Riptide”  In this preview video, we see the the player first trying to scout some weapons from around the island to defend the safe-house  and then the following mission which is to hold off a few waves of zombie attacks while water is being pumped out of an underground tunnel system….. 24 more words

Resident Evil Vs. Left 4 Dead

Two of the best video game zombie franchises pitted against each other. Resident evil was not the first zombie game but redefined the survival horror game. 87 more words

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