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Well friends, the witching hour has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is upon us in ‘Merica. But as you know, the scares are still going strong. 862 more words


Haiku of the Dead... in paperback!

Drum roll please… the paperback version of Haiku of the Dead is now (finally) available! For all your post-apocalyptic needs… and I do mean all of them! 43 more words


(1985) Lifeforce

If you told someone the premise of this movie, they would probably sort of roll their eyes but it’s honestly my favorite Tobe Hooper movie. Yes, I like it better then… 79 more words



By SurvivalMode. Staff

When the zombie apocalypse happens the first thing you’re going to think about is what weapons do you have at hand. As you take inventory of  your surroundings you will find your trusty broom, that cooking pan you left in the sink since last week because well lets be honest washing dishes is a pain, and sure these are weapons but will they be enough? 119 more words


I'm ready for the zombies!

No really, I am!

I love all things zombie, and one day I found myself thinking about my zombie strategy.
The building I live in has 16 floors, with 5 apartments on each floor = lots and lots of zombies/possible zombies. 196 more words


Playing With Zombies in ‘One Cut of the Dead’

The past decade has seen an absolute boom in the zombie genre. Blood, guts, a message of “humanity is the real monster,” you know the drill. 580 more words


AR:EVC - Chapter 7: Unexpected Fortune

Sorry for the super duper delay. Had been sick for the last 2 weeks and it was really hard looking at the computer with a pounding headache. 2,812 more words