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It's All in Your Head

Happy No Brainer Day! If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “no-brainer” it’s basically any decision or activity that requires little to no thought. The term no-brainer is misleading though. 562 more words


Mathematicians Work Out Zombie Apocalypse Plan

Cornell graduate students have adopted disease modeling to find the best response in the event of a zombie epidemic. They haven’t reached the conclusion that the undead are about to rise from their graves and eat us all, but they claim the work could be useful in planning for more likely disease outbreaks. 455 more words

Disease Modelling

Creature Feature

I like the way my auntie feels, warm like a candle, all over like her cheek, all over like under her chin, all over like the place on her shoulder she holds me to and shh shhs when I used to be scared. 1,891 more words


Back to the drawing board...

Feedback from my rendered orthographic view was mixed. The concept is solid and it’s core elements are good, but it just isn’t “cool” enough. I’ll give ‘em that; it does just look like a standard woodsman’s hunting crossbow. 28 more words


"Blue" prints!

I decided to work out the mechanism and final proportions by… drawing to scale! These are 1:1 drafts on yellow tracing paper to flesh out some ideas (based on the grid on that red construction paper)


H1Z1 for The Walking Dead Withdrawals

Tonight I have a treat for all you fans of The Walking Dead; a treat in the form of my live stream of me playing H1Z1. 124 more words