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Downtown memories

Downtown memories: A legless old guy in a wheelchair selling crack in front of the LAPD station on Skid Row. I think it was on Wall. 233 more words

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...The Zombie Apocalypse

So from watching a multitude of zombie movies, reading a bunch of survival books and also spending a butt-load of hours looking at my surroundings and the people in it whilst living my everyday life, I have deduced the following list to follow in order to survive the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse: 649 more words


A Zombie Apocalypse.

So I arrive at our Finca late afternoon on Sunday to find a trail of destruction and no one around. There are empty bottles strewn around the pool area and empty cans of beer in the guest apartment. 1,224 more words

Rock Star

Short Story Review: "Wet Work" by Philip Nutman

3 of 5 stars.

This very short story takes zombie-lore into an original direction. The tale was later expanded into a novel under the same name by this author. 110 more words

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Dave King Pantomime Time..

Dave King Pantomime Time..

Is their a more deluded brain muncher in the sevco pantomime, it seems the disease is in fact contagious to epic proportions, this guy is even more cracked up than we thought , his comments about Celtics 6 in a row and how sevco will get 10 before the hoops , and only 2 off the Invincibles titles really count cause the parasite club weren’t in the same league are comments of a man who’s marbles have clearly dropped in the shitter and been washed into the forth….. 129 more words


Sunday Comics: Anything But Rabbids

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Welcome to Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics that usually occurs on Sunday except when it doesn’t. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon. 131 more words