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Rock Character

This rock character with long shadow began as an image of a flagstone wall which I photographed in 2006. Pieces of that picture were copied and modified, and the two-dimensional finished product was then imported into a three-dimensional environment. 15 more words


Google Bites.

Wow I can be fucking mindless sometimes…

I just typed in “Google Bites” into the browser.

What I wanted was Google Maps, but I was thinking of Pie Bites. 13 more words

Cartoon Friday - ZOMBIE PARTS!

Friday cartoon fun time! Lets go ZOMBIES!!! Bits fall off of the Undead all that time, and usually end up with a life of their own! 155 more words


The Dead Don't Die Review

Hey Ghoul Gang,

I want to start by saying that I really wanted to enjoy this film, but honestly there are no redeeming qualities. The plot is messy, and they break the fourth wall constantly for no real reason, and the dialogue is awkward and often makes no sense. 484 more words


Attack of the Dead Men

Cotard’s syndrome is also known as the ‘walking corpse’ syndrome. It is a neuropsychiatric condition characterized by the delusional belief that one is dead, dying, rotting or nonexistent. 107 more words

I Want To Survive This Apocalypse

1. The Strange Object or Creature or … Alien?

October 13th, 2030, X City.
Kota X adalah kota yang berada di negara tropis, dimana hanya terdapat 2 musim, musim panas dan musim hujan. 1,509 more words


Funny Bird

I’m a funny bird
Who can’t plan ahead
It always takes time
When I eat pieces of bread

Nothing come too fast
In my little world… 73 more words