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"Return of the plastic dead"

This week I decided to finish off the rest of the Mantic Games plastic Zombies that I’d rebased a couple of weeks ago, and as I hope to start my He-Man project next week (if the figures arrive that is) I didn’t want to start anything that was going to take too long and it would also clear a bit of space in the small plastic draw unit that I keep the figures… 877 more words

28mm Fantasy


When I bought my gas station coffee this morning, I also made an impulse buy of the EAGLE TORCH lighter.

I don’t smoke, but I have always wanted one of these things … and there it was just begging to take it home with me. 89 more words


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01 E03: The Education of a Magician

When we last left the two English magicians, Mr. Norrell’s student, Jonathan Strange, was the new popular spell-caster in town. Jonathan sets off to have adventures with the army in Portugal, leaving a sulking Mr. 1,168 more words


Thriller Thursday: Survivors - Day Twenty-Six, Part Three Now Live!

Part three is here! Phoebe and the others are left wondering what has happened to their missing leader and friends. Little do they know of the danger lurking just outside their doorstep, watching their every move. 1,243 more words


Thriller Thursday: Survivors- Day Twenty-Six Part 2 Now Live!

As said last week, the chapter was super long, so it was cut into three parts, for brevity and a few perspective changes. This chapter gives you all a short glimpse into Bellona’s (and Phoebe’s) past, and a snippet of the sad tale that made Doctor Bellona Hawthorne into the Woman of Iron she is currently. 1,264 more words


(Review) World War Z

World War Z is a frantic and adrenaline-filled movie about a retired United Nations worker who is living his daily life as a family man when a zombie outbreak takes place. 897 more words