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Book Review: Dark Recollections by Chris Philbrook 

I got this book cheap for my Kindle and decided to crack on with it this week. The first part in a series this is a zombie apocalypse novel told through the diaries of a survivor. 225 more words


Zeros promo

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about a shoot for the local Zombie hunter team? It’s finally out! Look for me near the beginning of the clip!

Fear the Walking Dead S02 E11: Pablo & Jessica

On the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead we met new characters. While Alicia proved to be apocalypse worthy, Chris has turned completely feral. This week we watch as Nick tries to outsmart the Drug Cartel. 1,041 more words


“Elsa, is that you?”

Inspiration for this week’s posting has to go to Mr. Bryan Scott, or “Vampifan” as he is better known around these parts. A little while ago he ran a series of rather excellent battle reports for the game “Zombicide”, and one of the survivor characters made quite the impression on me, a sexy leather clad vixen by the name of “Elsa”. 572 more words

28mm Sci-fi

Film Dungeon Commentary Presents

My new episode of Film Dungeon Commentary is now up with Lucio Fulci The Beyond


"Los Muertos" Versus the Living on Fear The Walking Dead

On the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead we followed Nick on a personal journey through the three stages of death and to a new community. 1,258 more words


“Just what the hell are they storing in these things anyway?”

You know how sometimes you get an idea that just keeps itching away at the back of your mind, and won’t go away until you make it? 801 more words

28mm Fantasy