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Everybody Loves Zombies

The concept and name of zombies originated with the Haitians.  In Haitian French it is ‘zombi’.  In Haitian Creole it is ‘zonbi’.  For Haitians, zombies are only created by magic, never by a virus.   84 more words

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I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse- Episode 2

Welcome back to another episode of ISAZA where the only thing more terrifying than a Zombie is running out of food and water. This week the group had exactly this problem, luckily there was a handy supermarket in the complex, but an incoming electrical storm was making the Zombies a little more antsy than usual. 771 more words

I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse

The Camera - page 6

Me and guns, we don’t get along too well. I actually have no idea what one looks like or how to hold it. But that’s fine as long as the guys know how to handle them, right?


The Gentrification Of The Zombie

It’s hard not to see zombies everywhere and I do mean everywhere in this day and age.They seem to be at forefront of popular culture.For years they have been depicted on film in many different varieties, set in films with many different themes.In 2015 the zombie craze seems to have entered it’s latest phase; complete gentrification.It’s no longer a cult phenomenon, it’s now a trend, taken over by hipsters,yuppies and people who think the  551 more words


Carrying Zombie Bodies

A few years ago, I attended a Beth Moore conference with my Irish-twin sister to celebrate her birthday.   You know how we women are.  We come home from a conference like that flying with angelic spiritual wings – that is until we walk in our red front door.   844 more words

Adoption Journey

Mini Reviews Part 3-D Zombie Edition

There are no 3-D movies in this list of mini reviews but points to you if you can guess why I put that in there, 386 more words

2015 Walker Stalker Con Chicago Auto Show & Derek Ailes on Vacation

This is going to be an awesome week.  We just finished with one of my favorite holidays.  No – not Valentine’s Day.  I’m referring to Friday the 13th.  294 more words