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Motor City Nightmares this weekend

Heading to Motor City Nightmares this weekend in Michigan. Not nearly the trip that Indianopolis is, but still a bit of a trek. Still, the Return of the Living Dead reunion is really exciting for me so I’m looking foreward to this one. 39 more words

Horror Convention

On Writing Zombie Fiction

Why are zombies so fascinating?

I didn’t want to be fascinated by them, but I started watching the AMC series The Walking Dead, and I was hooked. 694 more words

Ultra Marathon

Inspecteur Jean vs. Lobster Mutants

As you might have figured out by now, I’m into that whole postapo and zombie stuff and even do some larping now and then. So after a few years as a player at… 102 more words


"Beginning" Is Halfway Done . . . and I'm Still Working on It

Yes, true believers, I’m working right now (well, not right now, but this weekend) on Beginning, the third and final volume in my zombie series  142 more words

My Work

The Great Villain Blogathon: Paul Morrissey's Baron Frankenstein

Just a laboratory and a dream

…and a lot of disemboweling

There is a lot of yelling in Paul Morrissey’s Flesh for Frankenstein, primarily overbred aristocrats shouting at peasants. 750 more words



I’ve never been a big fan of the zombie genre, but there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, I think The Walking Dead… 185 more words


The Camera - page 12

The end!

I’ve grown really fond of the characters (and zombies, of course), so they might show up again in the future. For next week, we’ll switch apocalypses (there’s that plural again) and visit the… 27 more words