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Defiant darkening clouds 

Gathering in this barren ,barring,betraying, bittering sky

All  the light has returned to ashen dust swirling into a mass of shit

Atrocious actions are all that is left of the living  102 more words


The Apocalypse:Survival

Vacant houses crumbling and claimed by roots or vast thickets

Silence..no one lives here anymore

I can still catch the scent of life

The life that once existed in this vast world… 140 more words


Little Red Haired Girl

Excerpt from The Nudist War | TNW – Day 46

Eddy opened the door to the drug store and looked right and left to make sure he was alone. 986 more words


The Walking Dead Season Six Trailer From SDCC

By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

AMC released the first trailer for season 6 of The Walking Dead today at SDCC. For those of us not willing to sell out first born to be in attendance, it’s now available on YouTube. 29 more words


Medicare to Possibly Cover Zombie Attacks, Pay Doctors to Discuss End-of-Life Options with Patients

By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

The second largest insurer in the country announced Wednesday they will reimburse physicians to have end-of-life discussions with patients. 998 more words


20RESB Stage 2

Last week they poured the slab.

This week they actually installed the generator and associated electrical connections.

Last Week

This Week

Next week the gas company will run a second natural gas line with second meter to the generator, after which the final installation, testing, and handover will be completed. 133 more words


Surviving a Zombie Apocolypse 101

Have you ever watched a movie where giant creatures, grotesque monsters and extra-terrestrial aliens invaded Earth (mostly New York because let’s be honest, everything happens in New York) and started a full blown war, attempting to eliminate the human race from our loving and nurturing home. 572 more words