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The Election is Over, and the World Didn't End

It doesn’t matter who you voted for, because both sides said the world would end if their candidate didn’t win. It didn’t. I still notice, though, that a certain side is protesting a fair election. 673 more words


Comic Collab: Game

Just wondering what would happen if those two ever met each other…

I’ll have you know MY Nathan Drake has killed over 200 people – whose only fault was that they were employed to the wrong company and standing in his way – using sneak attacks alone, and that’s only Uncharted4. 51 more words


“Zom’tober…Coming to a grizzly end!”

My final three submission for “Zomtober 2016” are (I think) an interesting bunch. First off we have another of the employees of the “Glory Hole” gentlemen’s club, Cherlene. 739 more words

28mm Sci-fi

^^ö^^ The Working Dead ^^ö^^

The Working Dead

In 2018, after major science breakthrough, the US Supreme Court ruled that death, as it now stands, “does not terminate the deceased’s obligations to ignore paying one’s bills and taxes until the human body reaches such a state of decay that at least three out of four limbs will not stay attached.” 881 more words

The Walking Dead - ep 7.1 - Has it gone too far?

Unfortunately, the media had a harsh reaction to season seven premiere of The Walking Dead, some going so far as to suggest that the show bordered on torture porn.   290 more words



Inspired by a Daily Post prompt.

And I should warn you right here, this is a bit of a grim blog. So consider yourself warned. 418 more words


“Zom’tober…What? We’re zombies, it’s what we do!”

I’m rather hoping that the somewhat plagiarized title of this week’s post will give you a bit of a clue as to who my survivor this week is (rather loosely) based upon, anyway once again I dug the “greenstuff” out and slapped a few additions to my Copplestone “bikini babe” in order to turn her into my survivor of choice “Margot”. 687 more words

28mm Sci-fi