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One holiday down, few more to go...and zombies 🦃💀🎄

So it looks like I am starting off the week interestingly. I was bombarded with nightmares last night about zombies. It had the feel of The Walking Dead but the zombies were in the style of Minecraft which left me feeling kinda silly when I woke up. 830 more words


Day X - page 14

I guess it looked further than it was before…?


New Horror Author Interviews

Interview with Author G.G. SIlverman

Interview with Author Adam Rockoff

Interview with Author Gene DeRosa


Day X - page 13

Oops, I missed a Sunday again. I really couldn’t make the update yesterday as I had to play Fallout4 for 12 hours straight… :-D


NaNoWriMo Update [2015.3]

Well, here we are again. I have to confess that I haven’t been writing at all these last few days. I guess, I’m not as stalwart in ignoring distractions as I thought myself to be. 322 more words

About Writing

Dream log #3- I'm his father

I’ve been down with a fever for a few days and I have been sleeping. Usually when I’m sick, I have strange dreams. This is probably one of the strangest and longest as well as star studded dreams I have ever had. 267 more words


National Novel Writing Month & Me, Part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. I also mentioned that I am using the time to re-work a novel in progress—one I started over a year ago and put aside as editing jobs and homeschooling and life pulled me away. 515 more words