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Amazon’s terms of service won’t apply in the event of a zombie apocalypse

*I have a thing for zombies, and found this article particularly interesting!

It seems as though Amazon may really believe we are at risk of am impending zombie apocalypse. 18 more words


That Little Red Haired Girl

Taking the shotgun, Eddy took off across the parking lot toward the hotel. No matter how fast he tried to run, it never seemed to get any closer. 356 more words


THE WALKING DEAD Author, Jay Bonansinga, Joins Us for a Chat

If you missed last night’s show with THE WALKING DEAD author, Jay Bonansinga, be sure to give it a listen. We talked about Daryl, Carol, Rick, Carl, and Michonne, and got an inside peek at the creation of this crazy-addictive series. 77 more words

Alistair Cross

"Night Of The Living Dead" (1968)

By Jerome Reuter

This is a film that needs no introduction. It’s one of the most recognizable horror films of all time. It’s also one that changed the face of American horror forever. 536 more words


Interview with a Zombie

Okay, so he’s not really a zombie, but he did get cast as a zombie for a yet-to-be-released film. He’s also a new writer, whose first book is one all readers of zombie fiction will enjoy. 1,097 more words


Ho, ho, ho!

What, it’s Christmas again already? All right, here, have a little X-mas gif. It’s a card that is folded in the middle, with the bottom side up. 13 more words


And here we go with another zombie Christmas shopping frenzy

It’s Christmas again, and that means another zombie shopping frenzy at the local mall.

It’s the same every year (just like my posts whinging about them). 131 more words