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State of Decay

If you’re a fan of GTA and Zombies, then “State of Decay” is the game for you.

Developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. 944 more words


Adrenaline:An Erotic Horror Short

I gazed out at the sea of dead.My bruised body still parched,my eyes of blue tired but alert,and my finger on the trigger.Staying alive had become a forgotten priority.I did not have the energy to fight anymore.The sun was setting behind a dying world’s stagnate sky.My disgust had grown to outrage as I waited on death.Nearly the entire population outside waiting for their meal.Flesh something they staggered around all night for.Groaning in anticipation and clawing at all hours for. 771 more words


TBT: Zombies Are Here? Never Fear!

I wrote this a year ago when I had half as many readers. If you didn’t read it before, read it now. It’s really funny. 549 more words

The Phil Factor

"The Battery" (2012)

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the zombie has been gentrified. Whenever I hear about another film being released about the undead, I roll my eyes. 450 more words


Thriller Thursday Double Feature: Survivors - Day 21 Now Live

Day Twenty-One is now live on my Survivors page! Check it out!

The group has reached Sacramento, but what will they find when they enter the base? 18 more words


Thriller Thursday: Survivors Double Feature - Day 20 Now Live

New chapter of Survivors is now live on my Survivors page!

Doctor Bellona Hawthorne and her group are trying to reach the Sacramento facility after infected took over their base in Carson City. 51 more words


Thriller Thursdays: Survivors Double Feature

It’s Thursday again! Two new chapters of Survivors will be on the blog today, since they’re both a tad bit short.