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Eaters : Rise of the dead

Eaters : Rise of the dead is a by the number is zombie film.it’s right out of the Romero playbook, zombie outbreak and fall of society. 148 more words

The Walking Rotting Corpses

So this week was the much-hyped season finale of The Walking Dead, an event I was eagerly awaiting because I wanted to see Negan get what was coming to him. 412 more words


Lesbian Zombies and Conventions

Tonight on the show we have the creators of the comic book Lesbian Zombies and then John from Super mega Fest with us as well talking about next weeks convention taking place in Marlboro Ma. 30 more words

Comic Books

Destroy the Brain and you Destroy the Ghoul... Not Always

I love movies, especially horror films. Some of my favorites are the ones about zombies. Tonight I re-watched an old favorite, Return of the Living Dead… 473 more words


Power up!

I am writing this just before 3 a.m., but I do not hear any ik-ik flying by… :-)

I can’t believe that this blog is almost three years old, and I’m sorry I let it stagnate for more than a year. 144 more words


I will be with you...

I will be with you even when we fall apart and our body parts trail behind us…and there is nothing left except our love.

~ From a Zombie Love Letter

Vampire Maman

5 Reasons Your Introvert Friends Hate Going to the Movies

You know how there are beauty gurus all over Youtube?

Well my friend, we’ll call her Cat, should be an introvert guru. Did you know there was an option in the… 1,122 more words