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George A. Romero‘s Night of the Living Dead is considered a progenitor of the fictional zombie of modern culture. 5,749 more words


It's alive!

Lo and behold! Revived is now available on Kindle! I thought I’d never get it out, but apparently I did. And that makes me officially a writer, I suppose. 39 more words

New Release

Resident Evil (2002)

US Title: Resident Evil
Year: 2002
Country: US
Director: Paul W. S. Anderson

What’s It About?
The first film in the Resident Evil series begins with heroine Alice waking up in a secluded mansion with no memory of who she is or how she got there. 163 more words


Third Thought: Is the Zombie an Animal, Then?

(3a) It would be foolish to think that an invented creature should adhere to our pre-existing categories for making sense of the world—especially in the case of the Zombie whose very purpose would seem to be to put those categories in doubt. 807 more words


Stu Sutcliffe/Andy Warhol reviewed


Part 1: The nature of the Beatles (reference The Beatles Never Existed (TBNE))

My assertion is that Stu Sutcliffe was an Intelligence asset who faked his death in 1961, and was reassigned the role of artist Andy Warhol. 3,414 more words