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The scariest thing about the zombies on "Walking Dead" isn't gory death—it's eternal life

As you’ve no doubt noticed (unless you’re one of them), the zombies have taken over: the walking dead are on your TV, on your commute, and—to widespread ambivalence—in the East End of London. 1,085 more words

Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse

With Australia in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, three friends decide to wait it out inside of the telecommunications building where they all work, but with the world going to hell, waiting it out might not be an option. 1,745 more words

The Undead Review

I'm Being Turned into a Zombie

I don’t know what goes on in a zombie’s mind.  Zombie movies don’t tell us all that much, and I haven’t read any zombie books.  They’re dead, living dead, so not too much could be going on.   276 more words



I enjoyed these pencil colors a lot. I also used a bit of white paint at the end to brighten some stuff up a bit.


Random Things

Zombie Research Station

This evening, we visited the Zombie Research Station, conveniently located in a zombie infested corn field. It was located on the grounds of the Haunted Winery in Geneva, Ohio. 234 more words

Urban Cowboy

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This weeks assignment in my Portraiture Class was shooting an outdoor portrait and below are just a few of the images I took today. 146 more words


Zone One, by Colson Whitehead (2011)

Mark Spitz is a regular guy with an odd job in a brave new world: he’s eliminating zombies building by building in an effort to make Manhattan safe for humans again. 662 more words

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