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Booky Sunday: World War Z by Max Brooks

Hello and welcome back to Booky Sunday. Apologies for missing this weeks 5 Tips Thursday, there were some unforeseen circumstances, but all is fine now and I am looking forward to this post. 260 more words



Season 6 Episode 3 “Thank You”

The Episode

I have actually kind of dreaded talking about this episode. Re-watching is hard enough but writing about it is even harder. 1,496 more words


“You nearly died!”

“Oh dear, what a shame that would have been,” snarks the zombie “Not like I’ve done that before.”

Writing Prompts

Striving for what is Ahead

Forgetting what is behind

Putting no confidence in the flesh

Striving for what is ahead

Philippians 3


Fierce Silk Flower Chapter 1


Fierce Silk Flower in the End of the World


Chapter 1 The “waste” Ji Anran

The dusky sky was like a gray mist, the dark weather make the people feel afraid. 2,126 more words


“What if-”

“You died.”

“What- no. That’s not what I was going to say.”

“What’s wrong with dying.” asks the zombie “Are you saying dying is bad?” 18 more words

Writing Prompts

Death Era - 8: Woman under the wheel II

Mark heart almost stopped seeing the zombie reaches out for Ted as Ted himself only gazed at the zombie that is trying to grab him, but Ted didn’t show any fear or emotions as he just grabs onto the wrist of the zombie that is trying to grab him. 1,931 more words