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"Finishing" Writing

Late September 2018. I finally arrived at the point where I felt like I had written all that I could by hand, and had addressed and covered all the sections that I wanted for my book(s). 990 more words


Expounded Universe 68 - Behold my Evil Plan


Who dies this time!?  We won’t tell you it’s definitely Kindra here.  Just tune in to learn more about the librarian, Rojo, and, holy shit, Pergus Frode is back!?  Zombies!


Review: One Cut Of The Dead (2017)

During the making of a low budget horror film, about zombies, the cast and crew are attacked by actual zombies…..

It’s funny how things work out. 550 more words

The Undead Castle

Don’t you dare go near,
That crumbling old castle,
Unless you want to see,
Something supernatural,

The entrance to the castle,
Looks like a head, 68 more words


Hungry Zombie

Even zombies can have a bad time of it – especially when confronted with age and experience.

Animated at Isart Digital.


Not Just In the Movies: 10 Best Zombie Musicals Scored

Not every list on this blog is of movies, and this one is too delicious to pass up.  So the entries are varied, music videos (Michael… 85 more words