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The Dead Don't Die

(spoiler free)

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ sees director Jim Jarmusch pooling together actors from six previous films for an ensemble zombie horror-comedy; one which certainly puts the dead in dead-pan. 627 more words


Chapter 2 - Trespasser

The red streaks in the sky gaze upon the murky little space that we call home. As time passes and the gory emotionless faces box us in, the red is evermore suggestive of death. 2,346 more words

The Mad Ghoul (1943)

Plot: Dr. Morris (George Zucco) is a man of science and he puts the work ahead of all else, shrugging off morals and ethics if need be, in the name of discovery. 608 more words

Pigeons from Hell

I had a single story by Robert E. Howard for my resolution so I decided to find the story that critics say was his best–“Pigeons from Hell.” 217 more words


We’re Alive: A Story of Survival - a fiction podcast - #13 - Chapter 5 - 'Lady and the Tink' Part 1/3 - Zombie Apocalyse saga

Chapter 5 – “Lady and the Tink” Part 1 Saul, Lizzy and Burt tell the tale of their mission to the refueling station. Along the way they find remnants of a huge battle. 176 more words

Review: The Dead Don't Die

I thought I would switch it up by reviewing a film this time because 1) I’ve not been reading as much over the last two weeks and 2) I am really into horror at the moment. 943 more words


Zombies on a Train: Thoughts on Train to Busan

Train to Busan (부산행)


Train to Busan tops all the other zombie movies I have ever watched. You would assume that it would be scary because of the zombies. 484 more words