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The 2016 Invasion Scare

For the last few years a number of commentators have been speculating on whether we’ve hit “peak-zombie”: a moment when the number of zombie movies being released has reached its apex, and can only decline (see… 1,142 more words


Run Girl Run

Sara ran as fast as her legs allowed. She’d been running for as long as she could remember. The soldiers and the police used to protect her. 630 more words


How the West Was Zombed - Chapter 104

Run?” Miles thought to himself. “No thanks. I’ve done enough running.

The young werewolf galloped along the left side of the last box car, jumped towards it, then dug the claws on his left paw into the metal. 239 more words


How the West Was Zombed - Chapter 103

Slade gripped Miles’ fur tightly. The young werewolf was running at a speed that was incomprehensible to the law man. Winds rushed all over them as Miles’ paws tromped across the prairie. 360 more words


How the West Was Zombed - So Much Action

And now the part all 3.5 of us have been waiting for – Slade’s big fight against Blythe on a fast moving train.

I’m not sure action translates well into books. 50 more words


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Can Be Scary, But It Could Be Scarier

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One thing that fascinates us about zombies is the absence of humanity—from both the dead and the living. This begets moral ambiguity, and upheaval of societal norms. 886 more words