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Workplace Blog Hop

I got tagged by Charles Yallowitz to take part in a blog hop. I’m supposed to attach a picture of my workplace, talk about it, and then tag a few more authors. 1,064 more words


Zoinks! Zombies!!!

With Hallowe’en soon upon us what better time to try something new and scary like – oh, I don’t know – reviewing a zombie novel?  Jack Flacco’s debut novel… 1,147 more words

Scooby Doo

Quick update

Getting settled in at the new bunker of solitude so I’ll  be posting new material soon. Till then keep your weapons handy, trust no one and remember the zombies are coming.


Movie Review: World War Z

I recently saw World War Z at a local Carmike theater, and while it was fun I ended up feeling like I had just watched a generic zombie film, and not a World War Z film.  987 more words


Cleaning, Full Moons, and Computer Problems

First of all, happy full moon. :) I don’t know about you, but I adore them. There’s so much mystery and lore regarding full moons that it naturally stirs the imagination, and I find myself antsy and unable to sleep when the moon goes full. 245 more words


In continuing with the non-conformist ways that make me love her so, Marjorie over at Don’t Call Me Marge, invented her own award and promptly included me in her list. 11 more words


Announcement and Rambling

I feel like I’ve just ended some sort of binge. I don’t know what, though. It’s possible that I’ve exhausted myself.

I’ve been writing a lot for the past few days. 235 more words