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I Just Want to Know Why Joel Didn't Save the Goat

I despise routine, mundane activities.  My daughter inherited this attitude, unfortunately, so we often find ourselves at an impasse when neither one of us feels motivated to do something that needs to be done. 591 more words


School of getting stuck

There is a goldmine of educational treasure on the Internet if you have the time to dig for it.  One of the great discoveries recently has been Dylan Wiliam’s reflections on learning and assessment. 407 more words

Contemporary Schooling

on feeling stupid

I started reading a book last week on the train. As you do. My journey took two and three quarter hours and, in that time, I read one and a half chapters. 1,195 more words

Piaget - Vygotsky

I only recently discovered the importance of the Piaget – Vygotsky “debate” for educators. It seems that this debate has spread all over the world, in the wake of American textbooks in education. 89 more words


If a child's legs do not reach the floor...

“Why do we let schools bum-rush them into anxiety-hell over tests? Mother Nature has already over-supplied them with all the anxiety they can barely handle. Why don’t we just lay off ‘em … and let ‘em outgrow this messy moment?

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"You should know this," or, What ever happened to ZPD?

Remember Zone of Proximal Development?  It’s that sweet spot between what a student knows and can do, and what’s out of reach.  A student’s ZPD is the perfect “challenge level” for that individual.   632 more words


Running in the "Zone of Proximal Development": Why running builds me up as a teacher

Today on my run I was in a zone, that “sweet spot” where I felt fast and challenged, but not winded and over tired.  I had this flash, “Aha! 333 more words