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The Escape Room

I participated in my first Escape Room a little while ago at the suggestion of my son and daughter.   Our family made the reservation, piled into the car and headed off to an afternoon of problem solving.  737 more words

Context Matters

Educating the whole child means, in our 21st century, creating the conditions for social-emotional learning (SEL). Often, in my experience, out of a love of children and a desire to build resilient, compassionate learners, SEL is moved out of the classroom context into pastoral care environments, especially in independent or international schools. 597 more words

Education In Society

The Challenge Zone and ZPD

One of the most interesting questions that I am considering in my teaching this week is allaying students’ fears. I have previously taught one of my students in classes with 2-3 other children and I am currently teaching him 1-on-1. 415 more words

Colors, Context and Cognition: Introducing My Son to Learning the Concept of Sequence

As a stay-at home Mom, I’ve recently been thinking on the best ways to support my youngest son’s cognitive and social development at home, particularly because of his recent diagnosis of Autism. 1,223 more words

Week 20: Wertsch (1985) "The Social Origins of Higher Mental Functions"

This chapter discusses Lev Vygotsky’s approach to developmental processes; the historical roots of his work; and his impact on modern psychology. In this review I would like to focus in on three concepts that Wertsch highlights in his discussion, which I think are crucial for understanding the interaction of culture and cognition: [1] inter-psychological prior to intra-psychological; [2] internalisation as transformation; and [3] the zone of proximal development. 746 more words

Weekly Reading

Some Things Take Time

Jessica and I took an adventurous walk yesterday, trying to get better acquainted with our new surroundings. Having recently moved we are becoming adept explorers, letting curiosity be our guide as we try new things and experience new places. 397 more words

Lindsay 2.0

What Does Problem Solving Look Like?

We can learn a lot by taking a close look at problem solving in action – particularly when the problem solver is very young and the challenge is… 240 more words

Learning Is About Wondering, Questioning And Problem Solving