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Your Zone of Proximal Development

Your edge.

The place you can step into.

Grow into.

Your zone of possibility.

Your zone of proximal development is the space just outside your current capacity that you can reach if you have the right support. 691 more words

Standard 1.2: Understand How Students Learn

Graduate: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn and the implications for teaching.

These are three of the more important aspects of children’s learning that I have come across in my experience and research.

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The Learning Zone

While taking a tour around Ross Parker’s blog recently, I came across his lovely graphic of “The Learning Zone” – another term to describe what Vygotsky essentially outlines with his “Zone of Proximal Development” concept. 297 more words

How to choose the best possible learning activity

I have tried to learn to code about once every summer for the past four or five years, and I’ve never succeeded*. I would always use a site such as… 580 more words

Learning Sciences Concepts

Memiliki Proses

Dari banyak hal yang kupelajari sepanjang penulisan skripsiku tiga tahun lalu di bawah arahan Ade Armando, salah satu bagian paling berkesan buatku adalah Bang Ade membiarkanku ‘memiliki skrispsiku’. 558 more words

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Reaching Beyond - Caliber Schools and the Zone of Proximal Development

At Caliber Schools, a California-based college preparatory education network, engaging students and encouraging them to learn above their skill level form a key focus in the area of academics. 238 more words

Caliber Schools

The Power of Peer Learning (and How to Promote It)

Peer learning can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge and skill through
active helping and supporting among status equals or matched companions. It
involves people from similar social groupings who are not professional teachers helping each other to learn and learning themselves by so doing…many schools might think they are implementing , when all they are really doing is putting children together and hoping for the best (

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