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Flow in education

I just finished reading Dylan Wiliam’s Embedded Formative Assessment. The book is wonderful, but one of the most enjoyable parts was the authors referenced by Wiliam. 281 more words

Rise And Converge

PFF Reflection #9: Teaching Philosophy Statement

This course has been hugely beneficial for me in that I have become more aware of the reasoning behind why teachers do what they do in a classroom. 650 more words


Noticing and Wondering About Scaffolding

Often I wonder how much to explain or define for my students before engaging in the problem solving process.  Proponents of sense-making in mathematics classes like… 442 more words

Then and Now: My Journey in Constructivism

ZPD, MKO, scaffolding, modeling; these are but a few principle in Constructivism that allows for greater teaching and maximized learning for students. My limited knowledge in these principles enables me to critique and reflect on my previous practices as an ESL teacher before. 324 more words

EDS 103 - Theories Of Learning

I is for Intersubjectivity

If I had to reduce language learning to the bare essentials and then construct a methodology around those essentials, it might look something like this (from Edmund White’s autobiographical novel… 1,102 more words

English Language Teaching

EDU 6136 Content Methods: Course Reflection

H2 – Honor student access to content material

{1}I interpret this standard in the following way: Each student’s access to content material is different based on each child’s unique range of skills and abilities.  722 more words


EDU 6136: Course Reflection

H2 – Honor student access to content material [1]. This is one of the most important HOPE standards to me because it is all about delivering the content to students in a way that they actually utilize it and do something with it [1]. 850 more words

Zone Of Proximal Development