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Zoned out or In the Zone?

“I was in the ZONE!”

This was my way of explaining how I felt whenever I played exceptionally good tennis as a middle or high school student. 492 more words

Faith In General

The moon in your eyes

I can’t look at the moon the same way I always did. Whenever I look at her, yes her, the moon it reminds me of us. 221 more words



This is ninja, kung fu, warrior, marathon kinda stuff. You rarely learn this in one lifetime. Once you learn it you carry the knowledge with you in Heaven and in future lives. 379 more words


The Restaurant Zone

The Restaurant Zone review. Discover hundreds of thousands of ready-to-hire restaurant & food professionals. What people are saying about this service? Cassandra says: “The resume database has been a helpful tool for us over the last couple month…

Getting into the 'Zone'

In class lately we’ve been discussing the psychology of gaming and the idea of flow.

When it comes to gaming I know that I often get frustrated or angry with certain games when it becomes too difficult, but i often spend hours playing ‘in the zone’ before I reach that point. 275 more words


Intro. Ptsd From Combat Zone But Not From Combat

Well. Not sure where I am going with this. I am going to schedule residential mental health care starting next week. I am not back in the states yet, but I am laid up for surgery and my PTSD is getting bad. 72 more words

Sagarmala Project

Aim :->

  • develop major + minor port — > which will lead to port – led development
  • Port Infrastructure Enhancement,
  • sustainable development of the population living in the Coastal Economic Zone (CEZ).
  • 265 more words