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The Field - Second Step

In this second step of my instance model I improve my planar surfaces that I created in my first step of the field model so that they reach a non-planar surface character by including the varying heights. 53 more words



I don’t want to be on your SEEN zone,

I want to be on YOUR zone.

Oh G. What have you done?

How easy it was to fall back into the comfort zone !!

Home sweet home!!!  how easy it was to fall back into bad eating habits. Like eating late at night.. and bread !  Well it all stopped today…lean chicken breast and vegies for lunch an munching on green salad for dinner…Got a good work out earlier,nothing like gardening…hefting bags of dirt..ripping out huge lavender plants and everything in-between…My beautiful daughter reminded me I haven’t been blogging and I was mentally avoiding this…It does help to put it down in black and white..owning up to the issues..setting new goals…back at it!!

#FoodZone 4: Penne Saus Tomat dan Jamur

Bikin masakan dari pasta itu mudah sebenernya. Ga ribet bumbu-bumbunya seperti kebanyakan masakan Asia yang perlu banyak jenis. Orang-orang barat lebih menyukai sesuatu yang sederhana dan kadang untuk kita terlihat mewah. 461 more words

Food Zone

Always learn...

I worked on a gig right now where I setup and run the lighting-no problem, I’ve done that before. Only, it was a professional crew that was carrying the event live to satellite every night for a week…and they like their lighting a little differently. 261 more words

Day 7- Settings and Configuration

Today we are learning about your websites settings. Without settings you probably wouldn’t have a website. Because you need settings to run and make sure you have what you want on website. 26 more words