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House Member Chaffetz Wants You To Buy Him A House

Retiring Congressman Jason Chaffetz announced, on his way out the door, that he believes Congress should provide themselves a $2,500 housing allowance, in order to better cope with the obnoxious cost of DC accommodations. 1,518 more words


Affordable housing bill was hijacked (Guest opinion)

It started as a way to achieve more affordable housing, but was amended to kill historic districts, allow development without enough public process and encourage demolitions. 71 more words

Oregon Legislature

Supercommuters, skyrocketing commutes, and America’s affordable housing crisis

Our increasing time behind the wheel shows the lengths many go for a reasonable rent payment.

The term “supercommuter,” which refers to those Americans who travel more than 90 minutes each way to work, somewhat blithely suggests something bigger and better. 26 more words

Affordable Housing

Slow on the Move: Prices, Technology and Rent Control

Moving to a new city, particularly in your 20s or 30s, can be a defining moment in your life. Yet people in the U.S. are moving at historically low rates, and you don’t need to look far to see why. 759 more words



Here is something that is happening with surprisingly little publicity.  At its June 27th meeting (at 7:30 PM), the Prince William Board of County Supervisors… 692 more words


Edmonton-area landowners feel frozen out from potential development

Despite Alberta’s economic downturn, Edmonton and the communities that surround it continue to grow. This means new subdivisions need to be built to accommodate the influx of people, and that requires long-term planning. 539 more words


SCOTUS Decision: Murr v. Wisconsin

Today the US Supreme Court handed down their decision in Murr v. Wisconsin. In a 5-3 vote (Justice Kennedy writing for the majority, Justice Gorsuch not participating), the Court determined that there was no regulatory taking in this case. 933 more words