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So Lame, So Late

Residents of Alcona have noticed a new billboard display erected at the property owned by Abandel Group Ltd. on the north side of Innisifil Beach Rd., opposite the Shoppers Drug Mart. 524 more words


The never ending North End range war

Twenty-four years ago, one of my earliest cartoons for the Palm Beach Daily News was about then-Zoning Commission chairman Robert Grace, who had resigned because the Town Council walked back North End year-old zoning ordinances designed to regulate home size. 200 more words

Palm Beach

Leopold Friedman, Joe Chetrit, Seabrook, Platinum...

Ben Landa…Bent Philipson…Howard Fensterman – LEOPOLD FRIEDMAN, JOE CHETRIT, Mayor de Blasio and Kenneth Thomson

Contributor to LM, May 27, 2016 We recommend that you read the… 2,936 more words

Political Corruption


Materially False Statements = anti-Semitism??? What?


Based on those documents, it appears that “materially false” statements were made to get Chestnut Ridge’s approval, the board said, and the project may cause significantly adverse impacts to the water supply, wastewater treatment, traffic, government services and schools.

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Landa, Philipson, Fensterman and Platinum Funds? Friedman to follow...

Ben Landa…Bent Philipson…Howard Fensterman… de Blasio…

A contributor of LM, May 27, 2016

What is the connection, you may be wondering, that these men share? 2,156 more words


The Zoning Code makes the Comprehensive Plan Illegal? WTF?

Warning! Planning Geek stuff ahead….

Most state have a law on the books that requires municipalities to adopt a Comprehensive Plan (called a General Plan in California) that will guide local investments in transportation, schools, parks, fire trucks, hospitals, and sewer plants.   416 more words

Shalom Lamm's Lies May Be Coming Back to Haunt Him

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Approvals for Bloomingburg development may be rescinded


May 26, 2016 —

The Mamakating planning board, which at least for now still has jurisdiction over Bloomingburg planning decisions, unanimously adopted a resolution on May 24 calling for developer Shalom Lamm to explain why the approvals granted for his controversial development Villages at Chestnut Ridge should not be rescinded.

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