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Kalau anda pernah menonton acara Kuis Super Deal yang di host oleh Uya Kuya, maka akan mengerti arti kata Zonk. Zonk punya arti kosong atau tidak bernilai, jadi jika peserta kuis memilih suatu ruang atau kotak yang pada saat dibuka bertuliskan… 310 more words

Clan War

Long time no post!

Finally I have caught a Bass!

Not been a great deal over the last 8 months with weather and shift commitments, probably the longest I have been with out catching a fish. 293 more words

Fishing Blog

Econ: ZONK! Chapter 3 Review

  Chapter 3 Economic systems review

Congrats to the winners.

Period 2 – Monkey group
Period 3 – Mongoose group
Period 5 – Orca Group
Period 6 – Penguin Group… 8 more words


Honors Gov: Review

Honors Gov: Health Care Quiz debrief & review.

ZONK! Review: Political Socialization to Lobbying

Congrats to the winning eagle group.

Honors Gov

Honors Gov: Zonk! - Review

Zonk! review game: Political Socialization to Lobbying

Congrats to the winning cheetah group.

Honors Gov Homework:
1. SSA Health Care Paper – due Turnitin on 11/8

Honors Gov


Happy Haunting, All you little “TRICK OR TREATER’S, “Happy HALLOWEEN!!!!! Do you have your Pumpkin’s Carved and Lit????? (with a tea candle)  On your Front Porch??? 581 more words

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