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Let's Make a Deal

The cost of discipleship.  Yes we are asked to give up everything to follow God.  But what is our, ‘everything’?  Money that crumbles over time.  Habits that when properly understood only actually make our lives worse while living them.  362 more words


Akhir Bulan di Awal Tahun

          Hello, so this is my first time filling this blog 650 more words


Team Gecko – 7,000 pts
Team Grizzly – 3,550 pts
Team Lion – 3,500 pts
Team Penguin – 900 pts

Review: dictatorship, monarchy, theocracy, single party state, direct democracy, parliamentary democracy, presidential democracy, unitary, federal, confederal, traditional economy, command economy, market economy, mixed economy, Constitution, articles, clauses, majority, supermajority, Bill of Rights, amendments, political socialization, agents of socialization, ideology, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, populists,  party identification, public opinion, probability sample, public opinion poll, sampling error, voter participation, voter registration, alienation, suffrage, apathy, civic duty, prospective voting, retrospective voting, voter turnout, political participation, social capital, social movement, interest groups, economic groups, citizen groups, public goods, free-rider problem,  iron triangle, issue network, lobbying, inside lobbying, outside lobbying, political action committee, news media, news, agenda setting, signaler role, watchdog role, common carrier role, public representative role, descriptive reporting, interpretive reporting

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Let's Make a Pie!

Hey kids! It’s time for the 2017 Pieathlon!

Every year at this time our friend Yinzerella over at Dinner Is Served 1972 lays down a vintage pie challenge. 422 more words

Bad Food Photography