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Closing out May with a great weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This one was one of the first in a quite a while where we didn’t have many concrete plans going into it…which made it really fun. 360 more words


Our 2007 Road Trip, Part 3: Mandatory Zoo Visit

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

Every year since 1999 Anne and I have taken a road trip to a different part of the United States and seen attractions, marvels, history, and institutions we didn’t have back home in Indianapolis.

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Art Gone Wild - Muse Day!

I am SOOOOO excited about starting my journey with Art Gone Wild! I had my muse day last week, and even though I was sick I made the best of it. 27 more words


May Third, Two-Thousand Seventeen

I spent today at the zoo with my brother!

My mom, brothers, baby sister and I all went together, then split up once we got inside the gates, Joshua and I going together, and my mom taking Samuel and Elizabeth with her. 424 more words


Humm... Let me think about it

I really enjoyed watching the gorillas at Zoo Atlanta.  The expressions are what I found most compelling.  Sometimes fierce, sometimes bored, sometimes playful but always interesting.   106 more words


Hey, were sleeping here!

One of the first things you come across when entering Zoo Atlanta are the flamingos.  Of course, that means everyone seems to stop here and crowd around.   183 more words


Sun bathing

Going to the zoo is not something I do regularly, so I was quite impressed by how substantial the child-specific portions of the zoo are.  There is a lot of educational information and helpful guides through out the zoo but there are also several “kid zones” at Zoo Atlanta.   82 more words