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Game Review: Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One)

I loved Zoo Tycoon, I really did. I still really like it but the more I played the more its flaws became painfully obvious, none more so than the ‘zoo limit’, a bar that fills up as you place more attractions, buildings, adopt animals or add decoration. 910 more words

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Microsoft Offers Gamers a Chance to Kinect at a Lower Price

As the holiday season approaches, not only are turkey & dressing and Christmas cookies on the horizon, so too are holiday sales.  Sony just recently cut the price of the PS4 in North America and now Microsoft is doing some price slashing of its own.  152 more words


Kinect For Xbox One And Xbox One Kinect Bundle Now Available For A Limited-Time Promotional Offer

Earlier this month we announced availability of the Xbox One with Kinect Bundle featuring an Xbox One 500GB console, Kinect for Xbox One and full-game downloads of Dance Central Spotlight, Kinect Sports Rivals and Zoo Tycoon.  407 more words

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Prison Architect Full Release Oct. 6th!

Over the weekend I was reading about this cool game developed by Introversion, Prison Architect. This game will be fully released on PC tomorrow October 6th, the game has been on Early Release in Steam for sometime now, to be exact September 2012. 409 more words

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