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The Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Want to show off your pet and win some great prizes? It’s Chet, Spence & Kayla’s first ever “Pet Halloween Costume Contest,” Halloween morning.

Bring your costumed pet to the Dollar Loan Center Auto Title Loan Studios at 7255 S. 81 more words


Chet's Randoms for 10/24/16

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but Venus gets hotter, because its atmosphere traps and holds heat.

Miss Piggy and the Phillie Phanatic were created by the same person. 77 more words


Spence's Song of the Week

This presidential election has been nothing short of ridiculous and we’re all counting the days including Spence. As of Friday there were 18 days left until the vote is done. 709 more words


Chet's Randoms for 10/21/16

At the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858, one candidate spoke for 60 minutes . . . then the other one spoke for 90 . . . and then the first one got to finish it up with a 30-minute rebuttal. 117 more words


Spivey Podcast For Thursday, October 20, 2016

Every Thursday The World’s Greatest Psychic Gary Spivey helps Vegas with its spiritual and supernatural questions and issues.  Big Tim needs to check on his best friends cousins daughter she is in ICU and can’t breath on her own right now…Dawn feels like she may have already met her soul mate but they don’t talk anymore…did someone put Witchcraft on Wendy. 39 more words


Chet's Randoms for 10/20/16

Samsung started in 1938 in Korea as a company that exported food like dried fish to China.

Disney hasn’t added a new country to Epcot’s World Showcase… 92 more words


The Third Dirty Debate

Much to the relief of nearly every soul on planet earth, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met on the debate stage one final time. (18 days and counting) 46 more words