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Final Word: The Color of the Dress Is...

White and gold? Blue and black? The interwebs went absolutely berserk yesterday about #TheDress. Was it an optical illusion? Does it have something to do with polarization? 126 more words


Fun Facts For Ya: 2/27/15

Somalia didn’t get its first ATM until last October.

Only 40% of the people in the world have ever been on the Internet.

85% of the board members of America’s public companies are male. 76 more words


Broke? What Will You Absolutely NOT Give Up?

In 98.5 KLUC artist Pitbull’s track “Time of Our Lives” sings, “I knew my rent was gon’ be late about a week ago. I worked my ass off, but I still can’t pay it though. 204 more words


Breakfast with Joey Fatone

The “temporary hiatus” of the pop juggernaut, NSync began in 2002, some 13 years ago. The boys have all gone their own directions, save their performance together at MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2013. 164 more words


Fun Facts For Ya: 2/26/15

There’s a difference between a hobo, a tramp, and a bum.  A hobo travels around looking for work . . . a tramp only works when he has to . 122 more words


"Pawn Stars'" Chumlee on the Zoo

It’s good to be the king. Nine seasons, 365 episodes of stories from the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop on Las Vegas Boulevard and Vegas local, … 84 more words


Fun Facts For Ya: 2/25/15

Scientists now believe the Black Plague in the 1300s wasn’t spread by rats . . . it was spread by wild GERBILS.

There are only two countries in the world without mosquitoes, and both are roughly in the same part of the world: Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  121 more words