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Steve Aoki Calls From London To Donate $10K!

The worlds biggest DJ and now a Vegas resident makes a point to call into Toy Drive for his second year in a row!  Steve called from London while working on a show and said, “I want to match my donation from last year!”  Steve makes a donation on behalf of the Aoki Foundation for $10K once again this year…. 139 more words


Terry Fator at Toy Drive On Day 7

Terry makes his visit every year to Toy Drive on W. Sahara (just west of Jones), and he never shows up empty handed.  He brought a ton of toys with him! 67 more words


It's Spence's Drunken Christmas

The Grammy nominations came out this morning and shockingly Spence’s holiday album “A Drunken Christmas” did not make the cut. (And the Biebs did…WTH, man!) 35 more words


Walgreens Brings A Massive Check on Day 5

Our friends at Walgreens make the visit to Toy Drive Monday morning to help kick off Day 5!  Walgreens after only 2 weeks of accepting scannable donations at its Vegas area stores, presented a BIG check for $104,294. 42 more words


Chet’s Randoms for 11/30/16

Jack White from the White Stripes took his wife Meg’s last name when they got married. His maiden name was Gillis.  (Do you call it a “maiden name” for a guy?) 117 more words

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Spence's Challenge: Wednesday, November 30th

….. And into Toy Drive we go! Yeah, yeah, Sarah lost today….. but that just means $673 of Mr. Terrible’s cash is yours when we pick the game up on Tuesday, December 13th. 111 more words


It's Spencemas, Stupid

December 2nd, known as the “A-holiest of the A-holies,” and also known as Spencemas…or the birth of Spence. (You’re welcome.)

And like every year, I have compiled the best, most loved Spencemas classics. 52 more words