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Zoo On Demand: Best April Fools Pranks

Happy April Fools Day!  Yes, it’s the one day of the year you think you can pull off a prank on someone. Most of us have pulled off a few pranks before.   15 more words


Been Looking For That Version of Uptown Funk That Only WE Play?

It’s from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ appearance on Ellen! And as you already know…IT’S AWESOME!



Fun Facts For Ya: 4/1/15

President Obama has visited 48 states during his presidency, and he’s going to Utah on Friday, so that’ll be his 49th.  That leaves South Dakota as the ONLY state he’s never been to. 102 more words


More Cute Kittens

If I had to make a list of one million things that make happy, 999,998 of them would probably be related to online kitten videos. 103 more words


Kittens Meet Puppies

As I’m emphatically stated before, I am a cat person. However, while not fond of dogs…I love me some puppies. Right after videos kitties playing with kids have to kittens playing with puppies. 61 more words


Scaredy Cats

The world of cat videos are amazing and cover so many niches. You have the cute kitten/puppy videos and the kitten/kid videos. Then you have cat fail videos. 57 more words


Sleeping Kittens & Babies

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping kitty? How about a sleeping kitten with a sleeping baby? OMG!!!

There is no doubt people love taking video of their children and posting it on Facebook. 59 more words