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The Brandon Westgate Interview

(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine, 27th August 2015.)

Within skateboarding none are more scrutinised than professional skateboarders, so it’s always interesting when someone comes along who even the most hate filled web lurkers can’t say a bad word about. 3,824 more words


Zoo York takes on China

True East goes to the Far East. Earlier this month, ZOO YORK’s Chaz Ortiz, Black Dave, Gavin Nolan and Ian Twa toured through three cities in China in 10 days. 18 more words


Summertime Mixtape Vol. 3 - Lurker Lou 'Vicious Cycle'

Among the many Zoo-affiliated video projects percolating in the years around the turn of the century, ‘Vicious Cycle’ held weight not just for its function as a vehicle for Zered Bassett, one of the best dudes working at the time off any of this world’s seaboards, but also as a generation-shifting document for certain dudes transitioning to old head status such as Vinny Ponte and Robbie Gangemi, and the ever present young bucks making meals from the New York spot churn, like Aquil Braithwaite, Brian Brown, Eli Reed and a young feeble grinder going by Lurker. 90 more words