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The Bizarre Bazaar

Having a little photographic fun playing in one of my favorite places –
Istanbul’s Grand, or Covered, Bazaar

Istanbul, Turkey
All photographs by delikızınyeri

Dogwood 2018 Photography Challenge: Weeks 7-9

Week 7 – Composition: Fill the Frame 
Fill the frame with your subject, no background. You will need to get up close and personal, or use a good zoom lens. 201 more words


All Aboard

There are times when it becomes necessary to attempt a workaround. This particular photo was one of those times:

The challenge before me was to create interesting leading lines within a photo by doing what is called a… 399 more words


Week 8 (Zoom Burst) - Light Burst

“Light Burst”

This week we were to create an image using the zoom burst technique.  It had just recently snowed.  The lights in the yard were a nice warm glow.  33 more words


Dogwood 52-Week Photography Challenge 2018—Week 08

Zoom Burst

Week 08: Technical: Zoom Burst

“By changing the focal length during long exposure you can add movement to your frame, producing leading lines within your frame.”

113 more words
52 Week Photography Challenge

AtoZ Challenge: Z - Zoom (Digital)

Zoom (Digital)

We all know what zoom is and that there are two types, optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom changes the focal length of the lens and closes in on the subject, while the digital zoom uses algorithms and software to do the same. 190 more words

Photo Assignments

New York City Pace 4

New York City Pace 4 from a recent photo tour.

Street Photography