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Did you know there are even big guys to be found on Plankton Portal?

Plankton are not just tiny microscopic organisms you can’t see by a naked eye. Some of them can actually grow into several meters in length, like this “Cthulhu Mothership” of… 111 more words

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Impact of predicted climate change scenarios on a coral reef meiofauna community

Changes in marine communities in response to elevated CO2 have been reported but information on how representatives of the benthic lower trophic levels will be impacted remains scarce. 204 more words


Seasonal controls of aragonite saturation states in the Gulf of Maine

The Gulf of Maine (GoME) is a shelf region especially vulnerable to ocean acidification (OA) due to natural conditions of low pH and aragonite saturation states (Ω-Ar). 250 more words


Seawater pH predicted for the year 2100 affects the metabolic response to feeding in copepodites of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis

Widespread ocean acidification (OA) is transforming the chemistry of the global ocean, and the Arctic is recognised as a region where the earliest and strongest impacts of OA are expected. 276 more words


Biodiversity and seasonal dynamics of the cladoceran community in the wetlands of the Gharb and Loukkos plains in Morocco

Rabia Aoujdad, Abdelaziz Maqboul, Abdelhak Driouich, Mohammed Rhiat, Hicham Labioui, Mohamed Fadli

Laboratory of Biodiversity and Animal Resources, IbnTofail University, B.P 133, 14000, Kenitra, Morocco… 301 more words


Low CO2 sensitivity of microzooplankton communities in the Gullmar Fjord, Skagerrak: evidence from a long-term mesocosm study

Ocean acidification is considered as a crucial stressor for marine communities. In this study, we tested the effects of the IPCC RPC6.0 end-of-century acidification scenario on a natural plankton community in the Gullmar Fjord, Sweden, during a long-term mesocosm experiment from a spring bloom to a mid-summer situation. 209 more words


Chemical and biological impacts of ocean acidification along the west coast of North America

The continental shelf region off the west coast of North America is seasonally exposed to water with a low aragonite saturation state by coastal upwelling of CO2-rich waters. 322 more words