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Combined effects of short-term ocean acidification and heat shock in a benthic copepod Tigriopus japonicus Mori

Warming of the world’s oceans is predicted to have many negative effects on organisms as they have optimal thermal windows. In coastal waters, however, both temperatures and pCO2 (pH) exhibit diel variations, and biological performances are likely to be modulated by physical and chemical environmental changes. 186 more words


In Class and a Coral Reef


Today was my first day of classes here in Zanzibar. At 5:15, the call to prayer sounded and woke me up. I never made it back to sleep but that’s Gucci ’cause I had gone to bed just past nine that night. 277 more words

The Value of Transparency (this is not a political commentary)

Yesterday I wrote about the most common colors of invertebrates in temporary waters. I left out transparent, or lack of color, because it is probably by far the most common appearance of these animals. 513 more words


Plankton of a different color

John Lavelle has again inspired me to write, this time about the color, and lack thereof, in pond and lake zooplankton. There are only three common colors (red, black and green) and the most common lack of color, transparent. 493 more words


An Earthquake of Ice

The rolling waves covered in pancake ice surround us yet again as our transect moves away from the island and back offshore. It’s eerily calm and then we roll over a wave that is 4 meters tall with a big sweep. 403 more words

My Life

Crossing the Great Drake: stuck inside 

Wowee that’s early! 0 dark 30 is exactly when I awoke. My roommate and I are on opposite shifts so we see less and less of each other. 345 more words

My Life

Michael Wing: Introduction to El Niño, July 22, 2015

NOAA Teacher at Sea
Michael Wing
Aboard R/V Fulmar
July 17 – 25, 2015

Mission: 2015 July ACCESS Cruise
Geographical Area of Cruise: Pacific Ocean west of Bodega Bay, California… 936 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea