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Pteropods are excellent recorders of surface temperature and carbonate ion concentration

Pteropods are among the first responders to ocean acidification and warming, but have not yet been widely explored as carriers of marine paleoenvironmental signals. In order to characterize the stable isotopic composition of aragonitic pteropod shells and their variation in response to climate change parameters, such as seawater temperature, pteropod shells (Heliconoides inflatus) were collected along a latitudinal transect in the Atlantic Ocean (31° N to 38° S). 137 more words


Ocean acidification causes no detectable effect on swimming activity and body size in a common copepod

Ocean acidification can impair an animal’s physiological performance and energetically demanding activities such as swimming. Behavioural abnormalities and changed activity in response to ocean acidification are reported in fish and crustacean species. 188 more words


Microplastics and Zooplankton

With the long awaited Blue Planet 2 series around the corner, its presenter David Attenborough describes the heart-breaking tale of watching a breeding albatross mistakenly trying to feed plastic to her chick 1,2. 942 more words

A week in Piran- EMBS52

Last week, Louise Lindroos, Lauri Kuismanen and I went to Portorož (Slovenia) to attend the 52nd European Marine Biology Symposium.

Among many interesting talks and posters about marine symbiosis, marine metagenomics, benthic pelagic coupling and imaging in marine biology, social events such as: Welcome reception with the mayor of Piran, the “Yellow Submarine Competition”, Excursion to the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park took place and make the symposium a great event. 77 more words


When eating a prey is risky: Implications for predator diel vertical migration


Beatriz E. Modenutti, Laura Wolinski, Maria S. Souza, Esteban G. Balseiro

Diel vertical migration (DVM) is a common behavior in zooplankton to avoid visual predation as well as potentially hazardous light wavelengths. 225 more words