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Snails have stronger indirect positive effects on submerged macrophyte growth attributes than zooplankton


Roger Paulo Mormul, Johan Ahlgren, Christer Brönmark

Phytoplankton and epiphyton often compete with submerged macrophytes. Grazing by zooplankton and/or epiphyton grazers should promote an indirect positive effect on submerged macrophyte growth rate. 175 more words


Zooplankton abundance: a neglected key element in the evaluation of reservoir water quality


Jara García-Chicote, Xavier Armengol, Carmen Rojo

Based on our results, we propose the use of zooplankton abundance (density or biomass) as an indicator to complement the information currently being used concerning the quality of water in reservoirs. 171 more words


10 Plastic Eating Organisms

Our planet is cluttered with an egregious amount of a miracle substance known as plastic. Here are a few bitter truths of this issue:

  • Most plastic has not even been around longer than a century, but it can take up to 450 years to fully biodegrade.
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The world of zooplankton

Motaz Omarien is a BSc student at Novia and he is currently doing his internship in the zooplankton group counting and identifying different functions of cladocerans, copepods and rotifers in a series of coastal inlets of different eutrophication status. Photo: Motaz Omarien.


Drifters of the Salish Sea

During our Marine Science program students board the Snow Goose with excitement, having very little idea what they are about to experience. Throughout the day they make many connections to prior life experiences. 610 more words

Ocean acidification ameliorates harmful effects of warming in primary consumer

Climate change-induced warming and ocean acidification are considered two imminent threats to marine biodiversity and current ecosystem structures. Here, we have for the first time examined an animal’s response to a complete life cycle of exposure to co-occurring warming (+3°C) and ocean acidification (+1,600 μatm CO2), using the key subarctic planktonic copepod, … 109 more words


Flow-fish recruitment research

New research is underway as part of the Murray-Darling Environmental Water Knowledge and Research program, which is investigating how flow influences the key environmental conditions and interacts with fish species traits to enable recruitment of riverine fishes. 44 more words

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