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The Impact of the Web on Business Models (Freemium, The Long Tail and Crowdsourcing)

It is needless to say that the upcoming of Internet have changed the ways of doing business, since in all evidence it have changed education, healthcare, public and private administration, politics and almost all of the social aspects of our life. 1,776 more words

Zooppa: menawarkan kesempatan kepada masyarakat untuk mencipta dan mengirim iklan, kemudian memilih yang terbaik

Dalam waktu dua tahun terakhir ini, dunia teknologi sedang mengalami tren dengan cara menggalakkan masyarakat, supaya mereka ikut berpartisipasi menyumbang dana untuk peluncuran produk baru atau membangun usaha startup. 204 more words


Making an Animation: Nature's Way

I have just completed my first ever cel-animation; A short advertisement for Original Source’s Mint and Tea Tree shower gel. I’m going to explain in this blog the whole process of how I made it which hopefully will be of some use if you are interested in creating an animation but not sure how to start. 1,116 more words



After exploring a range of social media websites it got me thinking about the vast variety of different kinds of social media sites available to us, from all over the world. 595 more words


So You Want to be an Advertising Creative.

Let’s Talk Ads will begin a new series called “So You Want to Be an Advertising Creative,” a series that will cover different methods for someone aspiring to start a career in a creative field to get started. 321 more words


So Who Are These Zooppans?

In this first post of our first installment of our new series called “So You Want to Be an Advertising Creative,” we will attempt to analyze… 396 more words