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Is Peer-To-Peer Lending Having A Spot Of Bother?

There have been one or two news reports questioning asking tis question.

I invest in Zopa and I have made the prudent decision to put my spare money in a Safeguarded product. 124 more words



Dear Diary,

Hello! This is Zopa. About a week ago, a dear friend of mine, Joshua Woods, asked me for a favor. The favor was to take his son, Peak, the Base Camp of mighty Sagarmatha. 663 more words


Negotiations, Women and BATNA

“Men ask, Women don’t ask”

-Linda Babcock

Sometime back a research was done on sample group consisting of both genders. The participants were told that they would be observed playing a word game and that they would be paid between $3 and $10 for playing. 508 more words